Sunday, March 5, 2000

Words Of Encouragement

Hey mike, I got the message you left on our machine. Thanks for asking your parents about the super8 camera. I actually just bought one from a pawnshop, last week it's a real beaut. The guy at the pawnshop wanted $400 for it but I got him down to $200 and as fat as I know it works good. I just shot off the first test roll yesterday, so the results will soon be in. As for adele's raincoat it has been rescued from the rubble that formerly was my brother's house in bracebridge (it didn't burn he just moved) but the coat will make it's way back to adele in the near future. I guess that's all for now. So in closing i would like to thank the academy and say a few words of encouragement....

Mike keep yer eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground and always remember if a fat, balding lady ever asks you to dance with a bowl of coleslaw run away really fast because if your old enough to be bad your old enough to be beaten.


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