Saturday, August 7, 2021

iPhone could not be updated

A while back my iPhone failed its update. I was too busy to look into it then.

Just now, I tried again, (updating via iTunes while connected to PC).

iPhone could not be updated
an unknown error occurred 
update windows
  windows 10 home 10.0.19043
update itunes
  is the current version
try a different usb cable
reboot both hardware
 security software
  seems unrelated
 follow the steps for your error code
  nothing relevant

Try again (updating via iTunes while connected to PC).
- says "extracting software" (with progress bar) successful
- says "backing up iphone" (with progress bar) successful
- says "preparing iphone for software update" (fails before progress bar starts)

I also removed lint from the usb port.
Tried again.
Same failure.

The existing ios version is 14.6 (18F72)
I'm attempting to install ios 14.7.1

I tried updating from the iphone only (no iTunes) (plugged into power)
- says "about 2 minutes remaining"
- says "preparing update"
- says "downloaded"
- click "install now"
- says "verifying update"
- soon after says "unable to install update, an error occurred installing ios 14.7.1"
- click "retry"
- enter pin (it didn't prompt for that the first time)
- says "verifying update"
- screen went black (that's new)
- shows apple logo with progress bar (looking good)
- progress bar advances but doesn't get to the end
- screen went black again
- shows apple logo with progress bar (again)
- progress bar advances 

Your iPhone has been updated.

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