Sunday, February 10, 2019

Global Warming

After a conversation with a friend, I intend to investigate the following three topics:

    Is it true that in 10k years we had a global temp delta of ~3.5 deg C?
    Do we know why global temp change has happened in the past?
    What (if anything) makes it different this time?

And as a meta-investigation:

    Discover if what I consider to be "reasonable convincing answers" others consider to be "unreasonable unconvincing claims", and if possible why.
    Discover if the answers are easy to find to test my belief that many people are intentionally uninformed.

Therefore rather than constructing an argument in a direction, I'll list sources in the order I find them and my interpretations of them.

ice core chart goes here

XKCD - Earth Temperature Timeline - Sep 12, 2016

Phys.ORG - Cooling or warming climate? - Aug 11, 2014

Phys.ORG - 30 years of above-average temperatures - Feb 26, 2015

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