Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lac La Pêche in Gatineau Park

Lac La Pêche in Gatineau Park has info about summer camping. They provide a giant pdf map that omits most trails and doesn't provide any info about site locations. Only by following their reservations link can you eventually find a map of sites on Lac La Pêche. Click Book Your Summer Accommodation then click on part of the map to zoom in.

I'm at sites 10A, 10B, which I think are here:

Google Maps shows that as 2.5km north of Chemin Steele. Certainly walkable.

But my group will access from the official boat launch, so I'm looking at a 4km hike, probably without trails.

While hiking off-trail seems to be discouraged, it looks like lots of people do it and no one punishes them.

Alternatively, canoe rental is $42/day.

I ended up renting a kayak. It was raining and the topo-map shows a lot of elevation lines, and there was just three of us, so all the gear fit in one canoe. The kayak is the same price as a canoe. When you book a site, they make you buy a bag of wood per site per day. So for the two sites, that's four bags. I thought I was going to have to solo that out in a rental canoe, but this being gatineau, they deliver the wood, hence I was able to just rent a kayak.

10A/B is a nice spot, but one site is on a point and the other is directly behind, past the outhouse in bug-hell, and the two sites aren't labeled, so if you book one of these, make sure to arrive early because you don't want to get stuck with the crap site.

Gatineau is a bit weird. They enforce a bunch of rules to conserve nature, but they install a swank out-house with hand sanitizer, and they provide a giant metal hang-man structure for your food-bag. Weird.

Oh yeah, and there are clear trails to the site, although they're not on any map, and I don't know where they lead. It looked like they follow the perimeter of the lake.

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