Friday, June 8, 2018

Doug Ford

This was the message on the PC website on election day:

A plan for Ontario

The problems facing Ontario share one thing in common: Kathleen Wynne's Liberal government just doesn't care about you anymore. Her government is untrustworthy. She will say and do anything just to stay in power.

You work harder than ever before and pay more than ever before. Yet Kathleen Wynne and her government continue to waste your hard-earned money and spend your tax dollars on schemes that only benefit Liberal insiders and political elites. There is no respect for taxpayers.

The NDP promise change, but they are not being honest about what their change looks like. The NDP want to double down on Kathleen Wynne's tax-and-spend policies. Under the NDP your gas will be more expensive, your taxes will go up, and your hydro bills will continue to increase. This is because, behind closed doors, the NDP are more about appeasing special interest groups than actually delivering real relief to the people.

I believe you deserve better. You know me. You know what I stand for. You know that I am here for the people. I entered politics to help the little guy. To make life easier for you and your family. Not only so you can make ends meet, but also so you can get ahead and prosper.

We're going to replace Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals with a practical, affordable and responsible government that trusts and respects you.

Ontario is ready for a government that works for the people.

…Not Liberal insiders.

…Not NDP radical special interests.

…But for the people

It's that simple.

No matter what, you can count on me to give you straight talk. I've spent my entire career telling it like it is. I'm going to be up front and honest about what I'm going to do. And I'm going to do what I say I'm going to do.

This also means that I won't make reckless promises. When I make a promise — I keep it. Period.

And here are my promises to you: Five clear, honest commitments you can count on from a government that will focus on the fundamentals and get Ontario back on track.

With your help we can open Ontario for business again; create good jobs; lower your day-to-day costs; bring prosperity back to our province; and restore accountability, respect and trust to Queen's Park.

We will:


Scrap the carbon tax, reduce gas prices by 10 cents per litre, and give real tax relief to lower and middle class families.


Fire the $6 million man running Hydro One and lower your hydro bills by 12%.


Send the message that Ontario is ‘Open for Business’ and bring quality jobs back to Ontario by lowering taxes, stabilizing hydro bills and cutting job-killing red tape.


Order a line-by-line audit of government spending to bring an end to the culture of waste and mismanagement in government.


End hallway health care by creating 15,000 new long-term care beds over the next 5 years and adding $3.8 billion in new support for mental health, addictions and housing.


The PC government will be trustworthy.

The PC government won't say and do things just to remain in power.

In 2021, the average citizen will work less hard than in 2018.

In 2021, the average citizen will pay less tax then in 2018.

The PC government won't waste tax dollars or spend them on schemes that only benefit insiders and elites.

The PC government has been honest about what effects their planned changes will have on Ontario.

In 2021, the Ontario government will spend less than in 2018.

In 2021, gasoline cost will be at least 10 cents less per liter than in 2018.

In 2021, the average citizen will pay at least 12% less for the same electricity consumption than in 2018.

The PC government won't appease special interest groups behind closed doors.

In 2021, life for the average citizen will be better then in 2018.

The PC government won't tell lies or be caught in scandals.

The PC government will "scrap the carbon tax" meaning dismantle the existing cap and trade system thus forfeiting $1.5B/yr and spend $30 million for the legal fight against the federal legislation that requires Ontario to maintain carbon pricing even though it is clear in Section 91 of Canada’s Constitution Act of 1867 that the federal government has this right. (macleans)

The PC government will fire the CEO of Hydro One.

In 2021, there will be more quality jobs in Ontario than in 2018.

In 2023, there will be 15k more long-term care beds than in 2018.

In 2021, there will be $3.8B more in speding for mental health, addictions and housing than in 2018.

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