Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Food Strategy

Eat Low Carbon

Less: non-seasonal, non-regional produce.
No air-freighted food.
- No non-local cheese
- No non-frozen seafood
- No Pineapples & tropical fruits
- Out-of-season: asparagus, berries, herbs
No Ruminants: cattle, goats, sheep, bison.
Less: dairy.
- Cheese & Yoghurt only as a treat.
- Milk only with cereal and in baking.
- No butter.
Less: processed foods.
- Brown rice instead of white rice

Air Freight

No fresh food produced outside Ontario or Quebec.

Animal Suffering
Which meat to give up

The only allowed industrial farmed animal is Turkey.
Beef and Pork can be allowed as a treat.
Non-industrial products (like backyard eggs) are allowed.

Actually, I just listened to CBC Ideas and Nicolette Hahn Niman has some interesting ideas. Following her advice is probably best. I'll have to read her book.

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