Sunday, May 20, 2012

Internet and Phone options in Ottawa


It turns out that magic jack in Canada does not give free calling to the USA. Oh well. I can use skype-out on the iPad for that. Also see the update about failed hardware below.


I pay $102.03/month for phone/internet.

$48.99  Rogers Hi-Speed Express Internet
 $4.00  Hi-Speed Cable Modem Rental (for internet)

$30.95  Home Phone Value Plan Classic (500 North America LD Min)
 $0.22  Home Phone 9-1-1 Emergency Access Fee   
 $5.95  Home Phone System Access Fee   
 $0.19  Home Phone Message Relay (TTY)   

$11.73  HST  

Our long distance usage for the last three months: 271min, 174min 183min.
The phone plan includes: Call Display, MTA Equipment Rental, Voicemail (that forwards to email).
Almost all our long distance calls are to the same three numbers.

It is cable internet.
It has a 60GB usage cap.
Our usage for the last six months: 10GB, 23GB, 14GB, 6GB, 13GB, 12GB.
Advertised speed: 18Mbps download, 512kbps upload.


MagicJack is an internet phone:
Lets you keep your current number. (FALSE, see below)
Doesn't require a computer.
Does include voicemail.
According to this link it does forward a wav file of voicemail to your email.
Unlimited calling anywhere in North America.
Price isn't obvious because they offer a free trial, but this site says: $69.95 initial, then $29.95 yearly.

TekSavvy offers "Express Cable 18":
Cable internet.
300GB usage cap.
18Mbps download, 512kbps upload
$39.95 ($9.04 cheaper than rogers)
- Activation Fee: $65.00 (minus $20 if you buy a modem)
- 18Mb DCM425 (DOCSIS 2.0) modem: $75 + $10 shipping (but at $4/month rogers is making a killing on the modem rental).


Rogers Internet (1yr continued): $52.99/mo
TekSavvy Internet (1st year): $50.78/mo
TekSavvy Internet (2nd year): $39.95/mo
Rogers Phone (1yr continued): $37.31/mo
MagicJack Phone (1st year): $5.83/mo
MagicJack Phone (2nd year): $2.50/mo


If rogers will cut my bill down to $50/mo (before tax), I'll stay, otherwise I'll switch.


I phoned rogers and told them that I could get the same service for less money elsewhere. They forwarded me to the customer retention department. The agent asked for the price and name of the other services, which I provided.

The agent offered 50% off internet and 15% off phone. I declined the phone offer and said I would switch to MagicJack. She said I should not cancel the phone but call MagicJack and they would port the existing number. After the phone switch I could call back and still get the internet discount. She left the quote on the account and gave me a reference number.

I went to and clicked their free trial. At the end of the work-flow, I had agreed to:
5 YEAR PROGRAM: $99.75
- no additional magic jacks
- pay everything today

The bill I actually received was:

MJPLUS6995         magicJack PLUS/EasyPay 30 Day Money Back Guarantee   $69.95
MJPLUS5YR9975      Five Year Platinum Preferred Plan                    $99.75
RUSH395            magicJack Express Tracking Mail                       $3.95
CASTDSHIP1095      Canadian Shipping & Handling                         $10.95
REGULATORYFEES4.8  Regulatory and Compliance Expense                     $8.86

Assuming I use this as my landline for the next three years, that's $5.37/month. Not bad.


The magicjack arrived about a week later. It's a small parcel. It's not clear if you have to plug it into a computer to register before using it as a phone. At first I only plugged it into power, ethernet, phone. Then (~2min later) I went to They want a password, so it looks like you have to plug it into a computer first. I plugged it into my macmini (lion).

Note: once inserted, the ethernet wouldn't come out of the magicjack (but would come out of the router).

After plugging it into the mac a window appeared asking me to double-click a magicjack icon. Okay. Then the magicjack downlaoder runs, and a phone gui appears. I think this is for using the device as skype. An add banner on the left side prompts you to "click here" to register. Okay.

You're given a bunch of options. I chose: "I purchased this... from the website...". Next you enter your email address and order number (which they already sent you be email). Next it asks for password or activation code. I don't have this. I tried entering the plan redemption code (from the 5yr plan), but that didn't work. There was a "remind me by email" link which did send me a five character activation code. This let me login.

I gave the actual network computer name as the name for the current device and agreed to the terms of service. Next I selected "I want to transfer my current phone number to magicjack". Surprise: that costs $19.99 today and $9.95/yr thereafter. You have to enter your current number without spaces or dashes. I entered "rogers" as my carrier. This failed. I confirmed via online chat with support that it is currently not supported in canada.

Ron: Hello, how may I help you?

michael holtstrom: my magicjack just arrived and I'm registering it

michael holtstrom: your website said I could transfer my current number

michael holtstrom: I just clicked "I want to transfer my current phone number to magicjack"

michael holtstrom: it asked for my current number and carrier

michael holtstrom: I entered them and it said "we're sorry, your telephone number cannot be transferred at this time. please check back in the future."

michael holtstrom: my number is ###-###-####

michael holtstrom: it's canadian

michael holtstrom: maybe I should click on "I want a canadian number for an additional $10/yr" instead

Ron: I apologize for the inconvenience, Michael. Let me assist you with that.

Ron: As of now, transferring your Canadian number to magicJack is not yet possible. It is still on the work. It might be available in the future. Do not worry, once it is available, you will surely get a notification from us, if not thru email, thru our website.

Ron: However, you may purchase a Canadian phone number instead. It will allow you to choose your area code, and prefix number.

michael holtstrom: ok.

michael holtstrom: bye.

Okay, so instead I selected "I want a Canadian Number for an additional $10/yr": I chose the first available number for my city. I left the "I elect to accept free outgoing service" box checked. Next it asks about the 5yr plan. This made me think I might have already paid for the Canadian Number. I tried, to which you can login via email and activation code. But it looked like you need to elsewhere add the phone number first, so I continued with the desktop app. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure you never need to plug it into your computer. From the web portal you should be able to purchase a number and set your password, etc.

No to 5yr plan. No to 1yr plan. No to additional jacks. No to international plan. In summary:

               canadian phone number: $10
magicjack plus standard dialing plan: free
                               total: $10.48

Warning: see below. Don't blindly accept the number they give you. After you select your province/city and proceed, but before payment, they will show you the number you'll get. Google it. Mine was used by spammers and was so dirty, I had to purchase a second one.

In the invoice email you later receive the $0.48 appears a regulatory fees. Note that when processing the payment, you have to enter the 3digit security code from your credit card that they already have on file. Be careful: it starts by saying "invalid code". You need to just start typing. If you first click elsewhere, you can't get the focus back in the box, and you have to cancel and retry.

After payment, you choose a password. Congratulations, you have activated your magicjack. I chose to "click here to remove magic jack plus...", because I won't be using it with my computer. Now you can hookup the magicjack to your router and phone.

At this point we can login to with the phone number and password that you just selected.

click phone numbers tab > click add years > enter redemption code > submit

It now shows the device renewal as 2018 and the number renewal as 2013 which I suppose indicates a 5yr calling plan with at $10/yr fee for the canadian number, only the first year of which is paid. That means the real cost

MJPLUS6995         magicJack PLUS/EasyPay 30 Day Money Back Guarantee   $69.95
MJPLUS5YR9975      Five Year Platinum Preferred Plan                    $99.75
RUSH395            magicJack Express Tracking Mail                       $3.95
CASTDSHIP1095      Canadian Shipping & Handling                         $10.95
REGULATORYFEES4.8  Regulatory and Compliance Expense                     $8.86
CANADIANNUMBER1000 Canadian Phone Number                                $10.00 (per year)
MJPLUSSTDDIALPLAN  magicJack PLUS Standard Dialing Plan                  $0.00
REGULATORYFEES4.8  Regulatory and Compliance Expense                     $0.48 (per year)

Assuming I use this as my landline for the next three years, that's $6.25/month, which still isn't bad.


call features tab > 911 > it shows correct address, select it, 911 status is now pending

The above results in you being sent an email about 911 disclosure. Their site suggests that 911 on magicjack won't work outside the USA. I haven't tried it.

It looks like voicemail via email is already on by default. But I don't like the default number of rings, and I wanted to add a second email.

call features tab > voicemail on/off/delay > 20s
call features tab > voicemail via email > manage email > add new email > submit

That second one wasn't helpful. I just adds a new email and password with which you can log into your account. Your voicemail still only forwards to one email, although on the voicemail via email page, you can select from the list of added emails.

Looking at account tab > autorenew, it appears that both the magicjack subscription and the canadian phone number will auto-renew by charging your visa when their respective times run out. The visa is listed in account > manage payment information

This FAQ says that people you call will only see your number not your name. There appears to be no way to register your name with your number.

From a phone plugged into the magicjack, dial your own phone number. Instead of ringing yourself, this access your voicemail.

0 for mail box options
1 to record
1 to accept recording
5 to change password
* to return to menu
# to exit

To get online support, go here, then search for anything, then click the start chat button that appears.

The phone quality and voice mail features are good. But I immediately started receiving spam calls. Between 10am and 3pm, I received 7 hangup messages. Looking at some of the numbers they appear to be spammers. I thought maybe I had a dirty number. I had the following fruitless chat with support.

Sam: Hello, how may I help you?

michael holtstrom: I received and successfully installed my magicjack today.

michael holtstrom: I've set it up to run without a computer and using a canadian number.

michael holtstrom: The number I was assigned is ###-###-####

michael holtstrom: since 10am this morning, I've received 7 calls.

michael holtstrom: All calls left ~12s empty messages.

michael holtstrom: I've confirmed that messages work correctly, so this means that people are calling this number and leaving empty messages.

Sam: Have you tried calling your magicJack number using another provider?

michael holtstrom: Yep. works fine.

Sam: Thank you.

michael holtstrom: It seems that this particular number has been signed up for a bunch of spam.

michael holtstrom: Is this common with magicjack numbers?

michael holtstrom: Is it possible for me to be assigned a number that doesn't get so much spam?

Sam: I understand, Michael, but it could be the caller will not leaving a message. Have you tried leaving a voicemail message in your account?

michael holtstrom: Yep. I've setup my recorded greeting and phoned myself from another provider and left a message and checked the message and it works well.

michael holtstrom: It seems that that particular number has been advertised and many telemarketers, etc call it.

Sam: Please be informed that magicJack phone number is not listed to any directories.

michael holtstrom: okay. well, I just now called my number from another provider, heard my voicemail greeting, left a voicemail and correctly received the message over email. So it seems that there is nothing technically wrong with the system.

Sam: Glad to know that, Michael.

michael holtstrom: But I haven't given the number to anyone, and have received 7 calls since 10am this morning. That's a problem.

Sam: I do apologize for the inconvenience that this may caused you, Michael.

Sam: I will take note of your concern.

michael holtstrom: If the problem continues, is it possible to be assigned a different number that might not receive so many calls.

Sam: Unfortunately, we cannot block calls from magicJack as of the moment.

Sam: But you can visit to block telemarketers.

michael holtstrom: ok.

michael holtstrom: thanks for your help.

For details on avoiding non-email spam, see this post. Here's the short form:

Enter your phone number on the canadian do not call list. They require you to enter a captcha and click several "I agree" buttons. The registration lasts for 5 years.

The US do not call list looks sketchy, but apparently is legit. See details here, which indirectly links to here. More FAQ here. They want your email instead of a captcha. If like me, you don't want to give up your email address, you can register by calling 1-888-382-1222. Press 1 for english. Press 1 to register the number you are calling from. Enter your phone number. Hang up. Note: this registration never expires.

Also note this tip. Don't ask to be removed from a telemarketer's list. Instead ask to be added to their do not call list. I'm not sure if this technicality makes a difference.

That's all well and good, but I did a bit of searching and it seems like I really do have a bad number. There are lots of hits showing that this number was used by scammers. So, I went back to magicjack and demanded a new number. Short story is that they said I'd have to pay for it. Basically, you can buy as many numbers as you want, but only one is assigned to your device at at time. The number costs $10 for the year, plus if this is a 2nd number like me, it costs $10 for the switch. It should be easy, just go to and select phone numbers > number > canadian number $10/yr > I understand and would like to change my number > your province > your area code > your city > reserve now > it now shows you your number, google it to check for fraud/spam > then complete payment. At this stage the new number is now your active number. Don't forget account > auto-renew to disable auto-renew on the old number, or you'll be charged for it at the end of the year. Note that in my case it failed to work and the support person gave me the run-around. Really, I just had to select a different number group in the same city.

Here's the gorey details.

Mara: Hello, how may I help you?

michael holtstrom: I received and successfully setup my magicjack with a canadian number today.

michael holtstrom: It works well, but I've been assigned a bad phone number.

michael holtstrom: I received ten calls today for the previous owner of the number.

michael holtstrom: A google search on the number shows that it was previously used by a fraudulent company.

michael holtstrom: See:

michael holtstrom: I would like to be assigned a different number.

Mara: Let me check on that.

Mara: Thank you for patiently waiting, Michael.

michael holtstrom: No problem.

Mara: I have checked and double checked, and unfortunately if you want another number, you will be charged.

michael holtstrom: Fine.

Mara: My sincerest apologies, Michael.

michael holtstrom: If I go to and select phone numbers > add a phone number, (which charges a fee), will this change my phone number?

Mara: Yes, it will charge you and it will change your number.

michael holtstrom: I am on the add a new number page, with the "I want a canadian number for an additional $10/year" option selected and I click "reserve my number" and nothing happens.

michael holtstrom: When I first reserved my number, I had the magicjack plugged into the computer. It is currently plugged into the router and I'm using your website.

Mara: Oh, Please plug the device directly into the computer. [this is wrong advice]

michael holtstrom: Ok. It fails both in firefox and safari, on a Mac. You should probably notify someone that this functionality on your website doesn't work. I'll try with the desktop application.

Mara: By the way, please close your account portal page and open another one.

Mara: Okay.

michael holtstrom: Okay, I plugged the magicjack directly into the computer, but there doesn't appear to be any interface to purchase a new canadian number.

Mara: Let me check.

Mara: Thank you for patiently waiting, Michael.

Mara: I believe the system is working here in my end.

michael holtstrom: Okay. What does that mean for me? Can I purchase a new canadian number?

Mara: Yes, you can purchase another number.

michael holtstrom: The desktop app has an add banner on the left-hand side that advertises international calling and vanity numbers. When I first plugged in the magicjack, before I had registered, this add banner instead said "click here to register", so it appears the only way to purchase a new number is through I can try it from a windows machine.

Mara: When you do transactions from now on, it should be on your portal, not on the phone.

michael holtstrom: Yeah. It doesn't work for me.

michael holtstrom: I've tried in three browsers on two machines.

Mara: May I know what province you selected?

michael holtstrom: When I click "Reserve My Number" on the MagicJack portal, a loading dialogue temporarily appears then disappears.

michael holtstrom: I selected ontario: 613-699-62## Ottawa.

michael holtstrom: I just tried ###-#### Ottawa and it let me advance to the next screen.

Mara: Okay, because I tried it on my end and it worked.

michael holtstrom: Success.

michael holtstrom: Bye.

Okay. Now that I've got a new number, do I have to redo any of the config? Dialing the old number results in no connection. Dialing the new number rings correctly but voicemail greeting isn't setup, so I have to redo the on-phone voicemail steps from above. Everything else looks good. Don't forget you add your number to the do-not-call lists.

The final damage:

MJPLUS6995          magicJack PLUS/EasyPay 30 Day Money Back Guarantee   $69.95
MJPLUS5YR9975       Five Year Platinum Preferred Plan                    $99.75
RUSH395             magicJack Express Tracking Mail                       $3.95
CASTDSHIP1095       Canadian Shipping & Handling                         $10.95
REGULATORYFEES4.8   Regulatory and Compliance Expense                     $8.86
CANADIANNUMBER1000  Canadian Phone Number                                $10.00 (per year)
MJPLUSSTDDIALPLAN   magicJack PLUS Standard Dialing Plan                  $0.00
REGULATORYFEES4.8   Regulatory and Compliance Expense                     $0.48 (per year)
CHANGECPN           Number Change                                        $10.00
CANADACHGNUMBER1000 Canadian Phone Number                                $10.00
REGULATORYFEES4.8   Regulatory and Compliance Expense                     $0.96

Assuming I use this as my land-line for the next three years, that's $6.83/month, which still isn't bad.

MagicJack Summary

  • MagicJack is a good solution.
  • No computer is required.
  • You can have a canadian number but can't transfer your existing number.
  • The canadian number is an additional $10/year, which will auto-renew paid by visa. You have to make sure they have your current visa on file or you could lose your number.
  • You get to select a number in your city. When they show you the number, before you pay for it, make sure to google it, to see if it is a spammers number. You want a number that doesn't have a bunch of "what spammer called me from this number" hits.
  • You get voice-mail with a custom greeting that emails wav files of the voice-mail to one email address.
  • Your voice-mail inbox can hold 100 messages. After this, new messages bounce, so you have to manually dial into your phone and delete your messages periodically.
  • You can't register a name with your number. When you call someone their caller-id will show only your number, not your name.
  • Their support sucks.

Some final notes. I called rogers and told them I wanted the 50% discount on internet but wanted the phone canceled next month. No problem. The 50% discount only lasts for one year, so I'll probably have to bully them again or switch then. The magicjack phone quality is okay, but not as good as rogers. Sometimes it takes a long time before outgoing calls start to ring, and sometimes once connected one party can't hear the other. But it's cheap, so I'm happy.

Update (Failed Hardware)

A year and a half later the magic jack quit working. It turns out the usb power adapter failed and it seems this destroyed the magic jack. If you have trouble, first try swapping the usb poser supply. There are lots of youtube videos on this subject. If the magic jack itself has failed you can after several hours of chat help get them to send you a new one. Here's the full transcript. Once the new one arrived, I just plugged followed the simple steps shipped with it (plug into tower, enter username/password, plug into wall/router) and it worked right away.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Hailee'
Hailee: Hello, how may I help you?
Michael Holtstrom: Hi. I received a phone call today and a few seconds in, the line went dead. Since then my magicjack has been non-responsive.
Michael Holtstrom: I unpowered and repowered the magicjack and router. No change. Normally the ethernet light on the magic jack and connected router port are lit.
Michael Holtstrom: I thought there may have been a temporary problem with your network, but there has been no change after 4 hours.
Michael Holtstrom: I suspect that a component inside the majicjack has failed.
Hailee: Please wait while I check that for you
Michael Holtstrom: Is there any diagnostic software I can run against the magicjack to test wheter it's in working order?
Michael Holtstrom: Thanks.
Hailee: can you please unplug the magicjack device? as I will refresh your magicjack's connectivity to the server.
Michael Holtstrom: ok. one second.
Hailee: sure
Michael Holtstrom: I just unplugged, counted to five and plugged back in.
Michael Holtstrom: Did you want me to leave it unplugged?
Hailee: yes please
Michael Holtstrom: ok. one sec.
Hailee: sure
Hailee: please take your time
Michael Holtstrom: okay. it's unplugged now.
Hailee: thank you
Hailee: please hold on
Hailee: can you please plug it in ?
Michael Holtstrom: ok. one sec.
Hailee: sure
Michael Holtstrom: ok. it's plugged in.
Michael Holtstrom: still no lights though.
Hailee: may I know if you have other USB power adapter from smartphones or cameras aside from the magicjack USB power adapter?
Michael Holtstrom: yes. do you want me to try it in one of them?
Hailee: yes please
Hailee: .please try to use it as a substitute for the magicjack power adapter and plug it to the router as of this moment to check
Michael Holtstrom: ok. one sec.
Hailee: sure Michael
Michael Holtstrom: ok. in previous tests, I noticed no lights on the magic jack.
Hailee: thank you
Hailee: but now ?
Michael Holtstrom: using the new usb power the + sign on the magicjack label is now solidly lit.
Michael Holtstrom: but still no ethernet light
Michael Holtstrom: switching back to the original usb power the plus sign is flashing
Michael Holtstrom: currently it's in the new adapter and the plus sign is solidly light
Michael Holtstrom: however I still get no dial tone
Hailee: okay
Hailee: can you try to switch the ethernet cord to other router ports?
Michael Holtstrom: ok
Hailee: check all router ports
Michael Holtstrom: done. no change.
Hailee: do you have other ethernet cord?
Michael Holtstrom: sure. I'll try that. I just logged into my router and is shows no devices connected via wired connection
Hailee: I see
Michael Holtstrom: I just tried a new ethernet cable.
Michael Holtstrom: no change
Hailee: thank you
Michael Holtstrom: I have connected other devices to the router via ethernet in the past without problems.
Hailee: okay
Hailee: do you hear any error message ?
Michael Holtstrom: no. the phone screen says "check tel line". there is no dial tone.
Hailee: I see
Hailee: 1. Plug the magicJack Plus into the power adapter that has been provided
Hailee: 2. Plug the Ethernet cord that has been provided into the magicJack Plus
Hailee: 3. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cord into your modem our router
Hailee: 4. Plug a telephone into your magicJack Plus
Hailee: 5. Plug the power adapter into a power outlet
Michael Holtstrom: ok. one sec.
Hailee: sure
Michael Holtstrom: same behaviour.
Michael Holtstrom: solid plus light
Michael Holtstrom: no ethernet light
Michael Holtstrom: router shows nothing connected
Michael Holtstrom: no dial tone
Hailee: okay
Hailee: hold on
Michael Holtstrom: I think we've established that I have a failed power adapter. Now ether that failure also killed the magic jack hardware or just put it into a bad state. Since it has no ethernet connectivity, our only option seems to be connecting it to a computer by usb and running some software or perhaps a hard reset button. I don't see any reset button. With some hardware reset is achieved by leaving it unpowered for some period of time. Do you know if attempting to reset the magicjack will help? Or is there some diagnostic software we could run?
Hailee: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.
Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.
You are now chatting with 'Ayla'
Ayla: Hi Michael :) , welcome to higher level of Support, I will be assisting you. Please hold for a moment while I check on your previous conversation.
Michael Holtstrom: sure. the summary is that the magicjack quit working at the start of a phone call. the ethernet light doesn't come on. the powerlight flashes when using the original power adapter. using a new power adapter the powerlight is solidly lit but the ethernet light still doesn't come on.
Michael Holtstrom: we've already checked ethernet cables and ports.
Ayla: Did you make a call when you change the power adapteR?
Michael Holtstrom: no dial tone.
Ayla: Is there any error message?
Michael Holtstrom: none over the phone line. it's just dead air.
Michael Holtstrom: we haven't tried plugging the magicjack into a computer
Ayla: May I know if you are using a cordless phone?
Michael Holtstrom: I had suggested you might have some diagnostic sofwhere we might run.
Michael Holtstrom: yes. coardless phone.
Ayla: Thank you for that information.
Ayla: One moment please...
Ayla: Please follow these:
Ayla: .
Ayla: 1. Disconnect the battery from handset(s)
Ayla: 2. Disconnect Phone Cord from Magicjack
Ayla: 3. Disconnect Phone cord from base unit
Ayla: 4. Disconnect AC adapter from wall outlet
Ayla: 5. Allow to sit for 3 mins.
Ayla: 6. Reconnect Phone Cord to base
Ayla: 7. Reconnect Phone cord to wall jack
Ayla: 8. Reconnect AC Adapter to wall outlet
Ayla: 9. Reconnect battery into handset until you click or feel the plug snap into place
Ayla: 10. Re-Register Handset by placing on main base
Michael Holtstrom: ok one sec
Ayla: Sure.
Ayla: Please take your time.
Michael Holtstrom: no change.
Ayla: Please plug the magicjack device into the USB port of your computer
Michael Holtstrom: done
Ayla: May I know if you are using a laptop?
Michael Holtstrom: tower
Ayla: May I know if you are using USB extension cord with the device?
Michael Holtstrom: it is plugged directly into the tower
Ayla: May I know if the dial pad loads up on the computer screen?
Michael Holtstrom: I have no magicjack software installed on this computer
Ayla: Is there any auto play pops up?
Michael Holtstrom: I have autoplay disabled on this computer
Michael Holtstrom: the usb ballon says:
Michael Holtstrom: composite device: ready to use
Michael Holtstrom: mass storage device: ready to use
Michael Holtstrom: ymaxcorpt usb device: ready to use
Michael Holtstrom: magictalk: device unplugged
Ayla: Thank you for that information
Ayla: Please wait while I check that for you
Ayla: >>> Please click Start(Windows Logo) and in the Start Search type DEVICE MANAGER and press enter.
Michael Holtstrom: done
Michael Holtstrom: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
Ayla: On the device manager, please click on the > sign for DVD/CD ROM Drives. You should see YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet CD-Rom USB Device there.
Michael Holtstrom: I see it
Ayla: Please double-click YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet HardDisk USB Device >> Then go to Details tab.
Michael Holtstrom: done
Ayla: In the drop-down list., please choose Device Instance Id or Device Instance Path .
Michael Holtstrom: done
Ayla: Thank you for that.
Ayla: Please wait while I check that for you
Michael Holtstrom: this blog suggests
Michael Holtstrom:
Ayla: Thank you for waiting.Your magicjack plus is corrupted. It loaded the wrong drive as YMAXCorp MagicTalk instead of YMAXCorp MagicJackPlus which is the correct drive of the magicjack. We cannot go any further troubleshooting because this issue cannot be resolved. Would you like a replacement instead?
Michael Holtstrom: yes
Ayla: We will issue your replacement. Please inform me if you agree in the statement below:
Ayla: The Replacement magicJack will be free. However, there will be a $11.80 non-refundable charge (for Shipping and Handling charge + regulatory expense and/or administration cost). MagicJack is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction . Your replacement will arrive with instructions . Please follow the instructions and mail your old device to magicJack LP, PO BOX 6846, West Palm Beach, FL, 33405
Michael Holtstrom: ok. thanks. do I pay the fee when the replacement arrives?
Michael Holtstrom: yes I agree with the statement
Ayla: may I have your shipping address and the last four digit a card in your account that we can use for the replacement please
Michael Holtstrom: shipping address: [redacted]
Michael Holtstrom: billing visa last four digits: [redacted]
Ayla: Oh I made a mistake if you are in Canada the payment for the shipping to Canada is $15.04 would that be okay with you?
Michael Holtstrom: yes. that's okay.
Ayla: Please hold a moment I will process the replacement this will take a minutes
Ayla: Thank you very much for waiting. Your replacement order number is [redacted] you can use this if you wish to check the status of your replacement....
Ayla: Expect a notification via email when the order is fulfilled. You will receive an email within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) that will confirm your order and provide a tracking number.
Ayla: Also when you plug your replacement magicJack it will ask for you log in email and password, after that you will be ask to select the number of the old magicJack so that you can keep the same number with the replacement magicJack.
Ayla: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

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