Sunday, May 20, 2012

Backup Blogger

Blogger > Settings [in-left-sidebar] > Other > Blog tools [page-section] > Export blog > Download Blog > Save File > Save > Close

That produced:
662 KB (for a blog with 62 posts)

Which appears to contain:
your template
your settings
each post -- but line breaks in raw html are not preserved.

Since blogger will probably never disappear, it's probably good enough, but it would be nice to have a backup of the raw html as shown in the html editor, or in fact as shown when viewing source. As described here, that can be achieved via and the DownThemAll firefox plugin.

{ "loggedin": false, "owner": false, "avatar": "", "render": "nothing", "trackingID": "UA-36983794-1", "description": "Steps to backup your blogger web content.", "page": { "blogIds": [ 66 ] }, "domain": "", "base": "\/michael", "url": "https:\/\/\/michael\/", "frameworkFiles": "https:\/\/\/michael\/_framework\/_files.4\/", "commonFiles": "https:\/\/\/michael\/_common\/_files.3\/", "mediaFiles": "https:\/\/\/michael\/media\/_files.3\/", "tmdbUrl": "http:\/\/\/", "tmdbPoster": "http:\/\/\/t\/p\/w342" }