Saturday, May 27, 2017

Stratford Year 13


Jan 2017, tried to book at Stratford Hotel again, same room, but the entire hotel was booked for a wedding. Amanda got us a fantastic AirB&B instead. (The Bohemian, by Janice, 94 Wellington).

Thursday May 25th

We put EAH in the harness and walked about town in the rain. We stopped at Revel, and Rheo Thompson, and a baby store, and a children's book store. We ordered lunch from York St Kitchen and spent the time in the Green Room, which has expanded. Lunch was delicious. EAH and I had a nap. Later we went for a stroll along the water and the English Garden. We fetched Downie St. Burgers for dinner, also awesome. Our baby sitter came by and we walked to the Changeling at Tom Patterson. Not their best work.

Friday May 26th

No rain today, but cold. We took EAH for a stroll to Gruv and a nearby kids shop. Amanda got her hair cut while we walked to the festival theatre and back. We had Soup Sureal for dinner. We met Jana and Lena before the play (Twelfth Night) which was excellent. A lovely night.

Saturday May 27th

Went for a walk with the girls. Amanda bought a door mat from the kitchen store. I got a shoe horn. I ate ice cream while Amanda shopped. We had Sircle Foods for lunch. Brenda took EAH for a stroll while we saw an afternoon play (Romeo & Juliet, not bad). It was our first time in the Eaton lounge. Lovely day. Back home we went for another walk and visited Connie. We had Raja for dinner and played Coup before bed.

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