Saturday, March 25, 2017

Irresponsible Episode

Sent to CBC Ideas:

I am a long-time and thorough listener of CBC Ideas, and I love your program. I listen by podcast, so I'm about a year behind.

I was recently shocked by your Contrarians episode, which is now closed to comments.

Specifically by the comments of Patrick Moore, whom I believed. I felt that my left-leaning sentiments had allowed me to be misled by climate-change advocates. I thought that if this is true, I have been betrayed.

However after fifteen minutes investigation, I discovered the following:

The CBC Ideas printed statement "He is a co-founder of Greenpeace" [source] is false.

Patrick Moore is likely untrustworthy.
On this page you will find a video where Patrick Moore claims that glyphosate is safe to drink. Upon being offered some to drink, he storms out of the interview.

Patrick Moore's claims about climate change are intentionally misleading.
On this page you will find a video and transcript for "What They Haven't Told You About Climate Change" in which he repeats the Ideacity claim that "temperatures and CO2 levels do not show a strong correlation. In fact, over very long time spans – periods of hundreds of millions of years – they are often completely out of sync with each other." While that may be true (I haven't checked), it is certainly misleading. A quick search shows obvious correlation between CO2 and temperature in the last 400k years [source].

In conclusion, CBC Ideas has both printed false statements and posted audio that includes authoritative yet false (or at least misleading) claims about earth's climate.

So it is not the climate-change advocates that have betrayed my trust, it is you.

At the very least, you should update the post at [] to warn that the broadcast contains verifiably misleading claims.

At best, you should update the post to include a transcript with footnotes explaining which claims are false and/or misleading.

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