Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Buying a Chainsaw

gas chainsaws at home depot
gas chainsaws at canadia tire
Poulan Pro 16-in 38CC Chainsaw is on sale for $180.

The larger model PP5020AV is well reviewed, but he suggests that you replace the bar and chain for ~$95.

Manufacturer specs show that PP3816A is similar to but not just smaller than PP5020. Specifically it looks like the PP3816A lacks an automatic oiling system.

The comparable Husqvarna 16-in/38cc Chainsaw (#240) (canadian tire, $280) does have an automatic oiling system.

The Husqvarna 16-in/38cc is more expensive, but it's the safer and easier bet.

I'll use the safety glasses we already have, and I'll wear my snowboard helmet when felling trees. Since the helmet covers the ears, I'll not be able to use earmuffs. That means using earplugs (which I already have). Also, I already have steel toe boots.

That only leaves hand and leg protection.

I couldn't find any good reviews on gloves, and there is a lot of junk out there, but superiorglove has some convincing anti-vibration, cut resistant options.

- chain-arrest woven kevlar (3140 ft/min) (EN 381:1999 Class 0)
- anti-vibration palms

- composite filament fiber boosts cut resistance
- neoprene padding in the palm and index finger reduces vibration

- vibration-dampening chloroprene polymer (EN ISO 10810)
- Kevlar®/40% cotton shell

It sounds like the Endura is best. These are available on amazon for $50. According to the size chart, I need a large. There are some negative reviews citing armor only on the left hand, no anti-vibration in the fingers, and slippery palm material, but I don't see any superior alternative.

Actually, Chainsaw Journal has a good blog post, but all their suggestions are only anti-vibration. None offer cut protection. So I think that leaves only the Endura.

It look like chainsaw pants can get very expensive, but some are under $100.

The relevant certification seems to be CAN/BNQ 1923-450-M91 (canadian) or ASTM F1897 (international). Although the canadian standard matches the more expensive pants. Chainsaw Journal has a post on chaps, but not pants.

It sound like all that matters is the material, so any certified pants or chaps will do. The cheapest option is probably best. I found the Husqvarna Chaps on amazon for $140. Or what I believe is effectively the same thing for a much better $80 at canadian tire.


- Husqvarna 16-in/38cc Chainsaw (#240) (canadian tire, $280)
- Husqvarna Chainsaw Safety Chaps (canadian tire, $80)
- Endura® Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves (Large) (amazon, $50)

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