Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stratford Year 11

Jan 2015, booked at Stratford Hotel. Suite, room 9, facing back, not street. Opted not to have the Jacuzzi room because of the bad noise review. She mentioned the bad review and said they'd walled over a door to deal with the noise. They sound like good people. I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday May 28th

Woke early. Walked Pilot. Packed the car. Dropped off Pilot at Tails and Trails. Drove to Stratford along the seven then the toll highway. Tried to stop at the Big Smoke Burger at the On Route, but it had moved.

Checked into The Stratford Hotel which is a perfect place to stay. Great location. Great room. Great staff. The Stratford Hotel is my new favourite place to stay.

Dinner at Raja. In the evening, opening night of Anne Frank at the Avon. It was superb, and Jonathan Goad was sitting directly in front of us. A great first night.

Friday May 29th

Slept in. Tried to fetch scones from Let Them Eat Cake, but it went out of business last December. Picked up some from Coffee Culture instead. Made it to the 10:30 warehouse tour just in time. We were the only ones, and the tour was great. I highly recommend it.

Picked up lunch from York Street Kitchen and ate it beside the lake. Saw the 2pm Hamlet at the Festival Theatre, which was great. Fast pace and very accessible for a younger audience. Had a late dinner at Mone Thai. Read some Code Book.

Saturday May 30th

Slept in. Did my exercises. Fetched scones from Revel Caffe. Went shopping. Big haul from Gruv. It started raining so I fetched our gear while Amanda went to the Green Room. Lunch at Sirkle. More rain, so we went back to the hotel for a nap. The sky went black and it rained itself out.

We met Jana and Andy at the Annex Room for dinner and in the evening, went to Pericles at the Tom Patterson together. It was opening night again and there were loads of famous people there. Really fun night. Read some Code Book.

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