Saturday, May 5, 2012

iOS Code Signing

In order to actually put your app on a device, you need to become a member of the apple developer program ($99/year) and setup a code signing "provisioning profile

You can find the long story here.

Short Story

  • plug in your device, open xcode, select [ Window > Organizer ] from the file menu, select your device in the left pane and record the long hex "Identifier" from the center pane.
  • use finder to search for "Keychain Access", select [ Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority ] from the file menu
    • User Email Address: any address you control
    • Common Name: anything to identify the profile, for your test apps something like "generic" would do
    • [select] Saved to disk
    • [select] Let me specify key pair information
    • save it anywhere
    • choose RSA-2048
  • login to the developer center, then navigate to the provisioning portal
  • click "App IDs" in the sidebar, then "New App ID" near the top right
    • Description: generic
    • Bundle Seed: Use Team ID
    • Bundle Identifier: com.yourdomain.generic // might be better if this is a *
  • click "Devices" in the sidebar, then "Add Device" near the top right
    • Device Name: whatever you name your device
    • Device ID: the hex value you recorded earlier
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