Sunday, January 25, 2015

Audio Books for the Blind

Several years ago, we got the Victor Reader ClassicX for my mom. At the time I recorded the following information., $395, Ohio, US only, $375, NY, probably US only, $395, US only, $380, $425, Toronto

Manufacturer Contact:
Nicolas Lagace
Humanware Canada
They're actually a canadian company, with HQ in Quebec.
Victor Reader Distributor for Canada:
CNIB, 1929 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4G 3 E8

I was just going through old files and I see that Humanware now has the Victor Reader Stream for $369 which plays DAISY books that are fetched wirelessly.

Humanware claims that the The Victor Reader and Stream work with the Direct to Player program of the CNIB library. DAISY audio books selected from the CNIB member’s library are downloaded wirelessly to the device. Books are returned to the CNIB library in the same way with the press of a button eliminating the need to send and receive books on CD through the postal mail.

The CNIB Library explains that with Direct to Player, the player reads out the list of titles, and you decide which ones I want to keep. To read one, you just hit play. When finished, you press a button and it’s taken off the bookshelf. Once a book is deleted, the next morning, you have new ones to choose from.

From the FAQ:

Any registered CNIB Library user can use the Direct to Player service. All you need is a player that can connect to the internet and a wireless internet connection at home.

The Humanware Stratus4M and 12M, the Humanware Victor Stream (new generation, with wifi as of firmware 4.4.66 released Nov 2014), the Plextalk PTX1 and the Linio Pocket all work with the Direct to Player service.

An app for use of the Direct to Player service on tablets and other mobile devices (like the iPad) was scheduled to be available in 2014.

Here are some other sites with gear for low vision solutions:
Freedom Scientific
Enhanced Vision

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