Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Using GoDaddy with AWS


Here's how to point your godaddy domains to your amazon cloud box.

Make sure to remove any stuff from your hosts file (if you were faking DNS for test) before the following so that you see the web as real people do.

godaddy.com > login > my account > DOMAIN1.com

locked > manage > uncheck > ok

set nameservers > i have a hosting account with these domains (even though you don't have a hosting account with godaddy) > ok

wait a few minutes and refresh the page, it should show something like:

tools > dns manager > DOMAIN1 > edit zone

it has one entry under "A (Host)"
it points to a godaddy parking IP

Click to edit and replace it with your amazon elastic IP. The @ symbal means DOMAIN1.com. We'll setup www.DOMAIN1.com as a cname.

save zone file > ok > ok

it has many cname aliases
kill them all execpt www which points to @
i.e. kill these:

e          email.secureserver.net   1 Hour
email      email.secureserver.net   1 Hour
ftp        @                        1 Hour
imap       imap.secureserver.net    1 Hour
mail       pop.secureserver.net     1 Hour
mobilemail mobilemail-v01.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net 1 Hour
pda        mobilemail-v01.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net 1 Hour
pop        pop.secureserver.net     1 Hour
smtp       smtp.secureserver.net    1 Hour
webmail    webmail.secureserver.net 1 Hour

Keep this page open to edit the MX record so google will handle our mail.

Free Google Apps: get started > enter existing domain name > DOMAIN1.com > get started

-- enter a bunch of personal info
-- used my real gmail address
-- choose account @DOMAIN1.com entering password and capcha
> go custom
> just follow the wizard, it's great (do verify now)

upload the google file to /var/www/lighttpd/DOMAIN1
 (which as you'll recall is owned by the ec2 user so this will work)

try these:

it should work by ip
if (like me) the domain still points to the godaddy park page, you just have to wait.

> "not now" -- to verify later (back on the google apps page)
> no, it's just me
> just gmail
 - setup gmail
 - access gmail in a web browser
 - help prevent spoofing

Some help:

The above gmail_login.asp is supposed to do all the work for you. The result is below:

DNS Manager: Available
CNAME www @

That doesn't exactly agree with the the docs at google:


But looking at godaddy's detailed view, it looks better:

20  @  ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM  1 Week
30  @  ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM  1 Week
10  @  ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM       1 Week
40  @  ASPMX2.GOOGLEMAIL.COM    1 Week
50  @  ASPMX3.GOOGLEMAIL.COM    1 Week

So, I'm leaving it as-is. Now that we're all done editing the domain, make sure to lock it before leaving godaddy.

Once the DNS has resolved you can continue with Google Apps:

> dashboard > verify domain
> dashboard > verify mx servers
> dashboard > domain settings > general > enable ssl > save changes
> dashboard > continue with setup guilde
> do follow the "prevent spoofing" steps
 - yes, genereate the key (keep this open is a seperate window)
 - continue with tutorial, tells you to add two txt records
 - that means loggin back into godaddy. I'll try it with leaving it locked..., yep works fine
 - add record > txt > name,value
 - add record > txt > name,value

@   v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ~all
google._domainkey v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=BUNCH_OF_PEM_HERE

 - save zone file > ok > ok 

 -- steps are a bit redundant here
 -- they just want you to click "start authentication" in the "prevent spoofing keygen" page you left open in a seperate tab

> don't add mobile, chrome, etc
> we will add more domains later

Short form summary for configuring a domain on godaddy:

godaddy.com > login > my account > DOMAIN2.com
locked > manage > uncheck > ok
set nameservers > i have a hosting account > ok
tools > dns manager > DOMAIN2> edit zone
replace the A record ip with YOUR_ELASTIC_IP
delete all cnames except www
add a spf txt that indicates no mail
> save zone file > ok > ok
domain manager > DOMAIN2> locked > manage > check > ok

What can you do with your Google Apps Email?


-- and in the normal gmail way, forward from one address to another

top right > gear > mail settings > forwarding > SOME_OTHER_NAME@gmail.com
 use ID to login to gmail as SOME_OTHER_NAME@gmail.com
 past code into DOMAIN1setting and verify
 -- delete DOMAIN1's copy
 > save changes
{ "loggedin": false, "owner": false, "avatar": "", "render": "nothing", "trackingID": "UA-36983794-1", "description": "If your running an amazon cloud server, you need to either setup your own name server (way too much work) or choose a registrar like GoDaddy that provides a name server and lets you edit the A-Record for your domain.", "page": { "blogIds": [ 55 ] }, "domain": "holtstrom.com", "base": "\/michael", "url": "https:\/\/holtstrom.com\/michael\/", "frameworkFiles": "https:\/\/holtstrom.com\/michael\/_framework\/_files.4\/", "commonFiles": "https:\/\/holtstrom.com\/michael\/_common\/_files.3\/", "mediaFiles": "https:\/\/holtstrom.com\/michael\/media\/_files.3\/", "tmdbUrl": "http:\/\/www.themoviedb.org\/", "tmdbPoster": "http:\/\/image.tmdb.org\/t\/p\/w342" }