Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lost Boys

I left work early on Thursday and drove down to Kingston, where I picked up Lenko and take-out from Curry Village. We went to Karen's house and had dinner there with her and Ethan. Then we went back to Lenko's house, and walked to the Brew Pub with two of his house-mates and Tyner & Cynthia. That was lots of fun.

The next morning, I drove to Toronto and met Amanda at her Grandparent's house. After lunch and a nap, Amanda went to meet Suzanne, and I drove to Gennum to meet Barrow. He showed me around his work, then we went back to his place, and had dinner at a near-by pub called The Poacher (excellent place). After that we drove downtown to Paul's and had some Guinness. Around midnight, the three of us waked a few blocks to a bar where there was a Sci-03 get together. I saw Mark and Matt and Andrew Mason and others. After last-call we stopped by Spencer and Corin's to say hi before going home and to bed (5am). The next morning, we got up early (9am) and drove around Hamilton and then to Niagara Falls. We had lunch as some wooden oven pizza joint. When we got back to Burlington, I played some xbox before heading back to Toronto to meet Amanda and Amardeep.

Deep and Amanda and I had dinner at a nearby Portuguese place. I had a grilled fish that was served whole. Then we caught a cab to a nearby pub (that brews its own stout) where we met Nathan and Jig and John Abela and John Mould and others.

Later we caught a cab back to Deep's place with two Quebec guys from his work. We drank Scotch, discussed Quebec Separation and watched Dr. Strangelove.

In the morning, Amanda made use an amazing Breakfast of yogurt, granola and fruit, then we made the long Journey home.

Back in Kanata, I stopped to buy gas, but just as I was about to start filling, I noticed that the place across the street was selling for five cents less. So, cancel, cancel, cancel, and across the street we go. But I'm sorry, that looked very much like fraud, so your Visa is declined. Thank you very much.

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