Thursday, September 11, 2014

Phone Internet TV

What are the options for phone, internet and TV near Huntsville Ontario? offers a "Better" bundle at $146/mo which is the same as the below except you get more channels and less phone features and no long distance, so it's worse than the individual parts.

Internet Plus: $48/mo, 5 Mbps down, 140 GB usage
Good TV: 168 channels, $41/mo
Home Phone Choice: $46/mo, 8 calling features
Unlimited Canada/US Long Distance: $10/mo
=$145/mo doesn't offer cable but does offer DSL.

DSL, $33/mo, 15 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up, 300 GB usage
Phone, $23/mo, voip, unlimited in north america, many calling features
Germany: $0.03/minute is a teksavy competitor but has worse rates and worse customer reviews

DSL, $37/mo, 6 Mbps down, 800 Kbps up, unlimited usage
Phone, $26/mo, voip, unlimited in canada, many calling features, $0.05/min US calls
Unlimited Canada/US Long Distance: $18/mo
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