Saturday, September 6, 2014

Reconnect to a Picasa Web Album

Unlike most Google products, Picasa is fairly buggy. A lot of different things can go wrong. For whatever reason (new computer, corrupted album, etc) you may find yourself in the position that you you have a picasa web album, but no longer have that web album synced to a local album in the Picasa desktop software.

I searched google for sync to existing picasa web album and got these two articles (,, neither of which contained a complete answer.

The following steps worked for me. Deviating even slightly caused it to fail. For example if I didn't create and delete the album before creating the folder, it failed to sync and just created a new online album.

  • Install Picasa 3.9
  • In Picasa, use [Tools > Folder Manager] to ensure that some folder (say /Picasa/) is marked as "Scan Always".
  • In a web browser go to When it redirects you to Google+ click the "Click here to go back to Picasa Web Albums" bubble that appears at the top of the screen.
  • Note the name of the web album you want to re-connect (say myAlbum).
  • In Picasa, use [File > New Album] to create an album with that same name (myAlbum).
  • In Picasa, click the "Sync to Web" slider at the top right of the new empty album. It will think for a bit then fail and revert to the not-syncing state. Right-click and delete the failed album.
  • In your browser click on the album to enter it. Then click on the first picture to view that picture. Above the picture from the "Actions" drop-down, select "Download Photo".
  • With Desktop Picasa still open, create a folder on your computer with the name of your web album in the scan always location, (i.e. /Picasa/myAlbum). Move the downloaded photo into that location. Picasa will notice the folder and it will appear in the left sidebar.
  • In Picasa, select the new single-photo album and click the "Sync to Web" slider. This time it will sync to the existing web album and download all your photos.
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