Monday, March 28, 2011

No Junk Mail

Unwanted Physical Mail

Here's what I discovered while hunting around for a No Junk Mail sign.

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) has a central registry to stop some unwanted addressed advertisements. It's not clear if you need to periodically renew your registration.

The City of Ottawa has an Admail Reduction By-Law that prohibits distribution of unaddressed advertising material. All you have to do is post this sign on your mailbox. You can buy it for $2.00 at any of the seven client service centres, such as 580 Terry Fox Drive which is open 8:30-5:00 monday-friday. It comes to $2.26 with tax, and you're required to sign and address a form that is witnessed by the city. The sticker itself has a white background, unlike the gif above.

They gave me a pamphlet that contains more information than the above URL. It says that Canada Post is exempt. It also says that the admail distributors local to Ottawa are Flyer Force (742-7782) and Sun Distribution (739-7200). If posting the sign doesn't work, you're supposed to contact the distributors. If that doesn't work, you're supposed to "call the City of Ottawa Call Centre at 580-2400 and identify, where possible, the name of the distributor or the type of material delivered".

reported rogers Jan-13-2016, ref# 2016-0032-9732

Unwanted Phone Calls

Enter your phone number on the canadian do not call list. They require you to enter a captcha and click several "I agree" buttons. The registration lasts for 5 years.

The US do not call list looks sketchy, but apparently is legit. See details here, which indirectly links to here. More FAQ here. They want your email instead of a captcha. If like me, you don't want to give up your email address, you can register by calling 1-888-382-1222. Press 1 for english. Press 1 to register the number you are calling from. Enter your phone number. Hang up. Note: this registration never expires.

Also note this tip. Don't ask to be removed from a telemarketer's list. Instead ask to be added to their do not call list. I'm not sure if this technicality makes a difference.

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