Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday Chronicle


Amanda arranged a surprise talent show birthday party and used a girl guide (she's a leader) talent show as the blind. I was at the girl guide show to take photos, and as it wrapped up all my friends arrived, and the surprise party took over. Amanda played guitar, Parthy performed a death dance, Mike Ogletree gave a walking glider demonstration, Mike Enns did a global warming policy puppet show, and there were lots more. It felt very steam punk. I had a great time. Afterwards a bunch of us retired to my place for drinks. The next day I left for Munich.


I don't remember.


This year, Tyner invited me out climbing to the Fun Zone off the Queensway. I thought that was a bit weird, but I knew there was a surprise wedding shower for Cynthia that day, so I went along with it because I thought it was somehow integral to fooling Cynthia. Actually, Surprise! all my friends, including Cynthia were at the Fun Zone for my birthday. I was really concerned that this was somehow messing up Cynthia's party, but Amanda had used each party as a blind for the other. We had pizza and played old arcade games and teamed up for Laser Tag.


This year, I thought there was no surprise. Chris came over and Amanda cooked an amazing dinner including duck breast and blueberry pie. This was probably when we first introduced Chris to Dominion.

Later in the week, Tyner invited me out climbing. That evening, Chris called me and asked if I could drop off some batteries at the Science and Tech museum because Angie had they daycare kids there on an overnight thing. Tyner and I stopped there on the way to the gym and Surprise!, Amanda had booked the museum overnight for my birthday party. All my friends were there, even some people from out of town like Lenko. The first thing that happened was the guide held up a balloon that was full of hydrogen and had me raise a candle on a stick to it and watch it explode. We had a great tour and then had pizza and hazelnut bomb cake from Simply Biscotti for dinner and watched Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels in their theatre before camping our by the trains for the rest of the night. I'm quite sure it was a night that none of us will forget.


This was a big year and I took planning my birthday into my own hands, but everyone I emailed was busy with other things. This was actually Amanda's doing as she had scheduled a huge three-city surprise and was telling everyone to turn down my requests.

She wanted me to go to Toronto with her an play in a charity soccer game, and I eventually relented. On the way there we stopped (stayed the night I think) at Tyner & Cynthia's in Kingston. It was a freezing cold night but we went out to the downtown rink for skate, and Surprise!, all my Kingston friends were there. After the skate we retired to the pub to warm up. We had a great night and I felt better about having given up my birthday weekend for Amanda's Toronto trip.

The next day we met Amardeep in Toronto and I had Korean food for the first time. Then we went on to his charity soccer game, which Surprise!, was actually a bunch of my Toronto friends. Amanda had rented an indoor field and we had a great game. Afterwards we all went to bar where a bunch of my other friends were waiting. It was awesome.

The next day we drove back to Ottawa and stopped in at my Brother's on the way home and Surprise! (although this one I somewhat suspected), a bunch of my Ottawa friends were gathered for a party. It was a marathon and memorable weekend.


We were living in Reaney Court and had decided to just stay in when Surprise! the doorbell rang and Tyner & Cynthia had come all the way from Kingston. A bunch more people arrived. We had a big dinner and a cake and played games and had a great night.


This year, instead of a birthday party we had an engagement party in Kingston at the Tango. Everyone came. It was fantastic.


Amanda threw a surprise house party for me at her place on University street in Kingston.


We were living on Queen St. in Kingston and it was an apocalyptic night. Jana and Andy were over for dinner and the Surprise! the doorbell rang and a party arrived. Mike & Karen and Tyner and Cynthia showed up and Barrow and Alex came all the way from Toronto. Alex from even farther I think.

We had a great night. The weather was so bad that no cabs were available. Tyner & Cynthia had walked over in full snow gear, so they could walk home, but Mike & Karen had to wait more than an hour for cab. Alex stayed with us.


Somehow Amanda convinced Barrow and Chris to come to town and threw a surprise house party for me on Victoria street in Kingston.


I don't remember.


I don't remember.


I don't remember.


I was living effectively alone in Sci-44 Co-op during first-year at Queen's. I had a evening course in the psych building, and when I got out Alex and Barrow were waiting for me. Somehow they'd found out it was my birthday. They took me out to dinner and to the Screening Room to see Cider House Rules. Then we went back to their place where a huge surprise party lay in wait. I was flabbergasted. It was amazing. They are great friends.

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