Saturday, August 10, 2013

Switch to TekSavvy from Rogers

I was with Rogers for cable internet. A friend told me to switch to TekSavvy. I phoned rogers and they gave me a big discount to stay with them for a year. When the year ran out my bill jumped back up and coincidentally, I exceeded my 60GB usage limit, for which I was charged $2/GB overage.

I phoned them up and first asked why my usage limit was 60GB when their website advertises the Express packages at 80GB usage. They explained that although Express is advertised at 25Mbps down-speed and 80GB usage, I was actually getting 12.5Mbps down-speed and 60GB usage because I was renting a $4/mo older modem. I could exchange it for an $8/mo newer modem to get the proper package.

Of course the overage is actually just a billing detail, so it's insane to require a different modem. I told them I'd rater switch to TekSavvy and they offered me a one year discount to receive the Rogers Express plan with new modem for $51/mo. I declined. To cancel with rogers you must give them 30 days notice. They give you a reference number and the date on which service will stop. You have to return your modem to any rogers store within five dayse after service stops.

TekSavvy's equivilant packages is Cable 25, which costs $40/mo, requires the purchase of a $100 modem (Technicolor DCM476 DOCSIS 3 Modem) and a $45 service activation fee ($65 with a $20 discount for purchasing the modem). The $65 cable move fee doesn't apply to new customers, that's if you already have cable with them and move to a new house. The two prices quoted for the modem are outright-purchase v.s. rent-to-own. It's the same modem in either case. The modem doesn't include a wireless router.

You call them, talk to a friendly agent, confirm the details and pay by credit card over the phone. Shipping for the modem is $10, and it arrives at the nearest canada post in 3-5 business days. This makes the one-year total = (40*12+100+10+45)/12 = $53/mo.

Because TekSavvy uses the existing rogers infrastructure, they will just start service on the same day that rogers stops service, so I just have to pick up my modem and swap it on the service swap day.

So far, I'm very happy with TekSavvy.

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