Sunday, February 23, 2014

Using Chrome

Feb 23, 2014

Chrome just discontinued the "Enable Instant Extended API" flag thus forcing all new-tabs to default to their splash screen. Many people are upset by this as can be seen here and here on google forums. I can only suppose that they're trying to force everyone to default to the google doodle in anticipation of turning it into an advertising venue. This is a sad day.

In any case, it's not too difficult to work around, and I've done so in my Home Button extension.

Sep 19, 2013

Chrome just updated and replaced their old "new tab page", which contained only a list of apps with a new "new tab page", which contains the google doodle, the google search box, and a list of recently visited screen shots. I hate this change. Google Product Fourm has the details. A user there provided a fix to revert to the old behaviour.

Go to chrome://flags
Find "Enable Instant Extended API Mac, Windows, Chrome OS"
and set it to "Disabled"
then click "Relaunch Now"

Aug 11, 2013

Some websites like pcfinancial won't let you login if you're using a browser they don't understand. However they only enforce this at first login, thus you can defeat them by telling your browser to broadcast a different user-agent for your first login.

"In order to access all the functions of Online Banking, you need to modify your browser settings to enable cookies and JavaScript. For instruction on how to enable cookies, lease see the Help section on the sign in page."

In Chrome, on the offending page, right-click and select "Inspect Element". Then click the gear icon at the bottom right of the developer panel that appers. Select "Overrides" from the left-hand-side of the popup, then check "User Agent" and select a browser.

Refresh the page and login, making sure to check the "remember my account" (or similar) option.

Now click the gear again to disable the user-agent override. Thereafter you should be able to login without user-agent overrides.

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