Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shuffle by Albums in iTunes

In iTunes, select "Music" in the dropdown near the top left. Then select "Songs" from the toggle buttons near the top centre.

Press the ALT key to see the hidden options. From the menu that appears, select "Controls" > "Shuffle" > "By Albums".

For this to take effect, you may have to clear the "Up Next" list by clicking the "three lines" icon at the right of the top-middle controls area. You also have to ensure the "shuffle" icon is highlighted blue, which is located at the right of the top-middle controls area.

Now the "next track" aka "fast forward" button will skip to the next song in the current album until it reaches the last song at which point it will skip to a new album at random.

To make iTunes easier to use, select "Show Menu Bar" from the top-left dropdown, and select "View > Show Sidebar" from the menu bar.

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