Thursday, April 11, 2013

Can't get an iOS developer certificate.

This is exactly the kind of thing that makes me hate Apple. I haven't programmed in iOS for a while and my certs have expired. I fumble around in Xcode organizer but with no luck. I log into the developer portal and delete the old provisioning profiles and appIDs and create a new appID. I have two expired certificates. When I attempt to create a new certificate, on the "What type of certificate do you need?" section, the "iOS App Development" option is grayed out.

There's no help anywhere. All the apple guides say to go to Xcode organizer and click refresh, but all that does is spin for a while then popup "blah blah, please wait a few minutes and try again". It appears that no one else on the web has ever has this problem. That's because apple culture says you can only discuss this stuff on the sign-in-only where in fact someone has this same problem. Guess what, it's solved by revoking your expired certs.

Now the "iOS App Development" option is no longer grayed out, and clicking refresh in Xcode organizer says "No iOS development certificate was found. Would you like Xcode to request one on your behalf?".

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