Saturday, March 23, 2013

User Agent Override

Some websites won't let you in if you don't have the right browser/os combination. You can fool the website by overriding your user-agent setting. Here's some outdated details.

Chrome Version 25 on Mac Lion

left-click customize icon at top right > Tools > Developer Tools
left-click gear icon at bottom right > Overrides > User Agent

The override persists until the developer tools pane is closed.

{ "loggedin": false, "owner": false, "avatar": "", "render": "nothing", "trackingID": "UA-36983794-1", "description": "", "page": { "blogIds": [ 416 ] }, "domain": "", "base": "\/michael", "url": "https:\/\/\/michael\/", "frameworkFiles": "https:\/\/\/michael\/_framework\/_files.4\/", "commonFiles": "https:\/\/\/michael\/_common\/_files.3\/", "mediaFiles": "https:\/\/\/michael\/media\/_files.3\/", "tmdbUrl": "http:\/\/\/", "tmdbPoster": "http:\/\/\/t\/p\/w342" }