Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What to do when your phone stops working

Luckily there are two hand-sets. Swap batteries and the broken handset starts working. So the battery is dead. What now?

Phone says: vtech DECT 6.0
Google finds: phone, picture, model: LS6115-2
And sidebar shows: NiMH replacement battery, model: 89-1337-00 (BT 28443), $19.99

But the obvious route is not usually the best.
Answer: Unfortunately we do not carry this battery in stock. We can order an equivalent. Our part number is 70AAAH2BMJ. Price is $14.97/ea. Delivery would be about 1-2 weeks.

These (US) sites show a sample of the competition:

Ten seconds research convinces me that phone batteries last ~1year.

So, I'll take two from alexanderbattery. Their price is decent, Canadian, and I don't have to deal with any hassle. I just reply: "Great. Please order two for pickup. Thanks." and when they arrive, I get notified, and I drop by to pay and pick them up. Easy.


Placed order March 24, arrived March 31, picked them up April 1, installed them April 5. They work fine, but are slightly shorter and wider and consequently don't fit in the phone, so now they're duct-taped to the back of the phone, which sucks.

Next time, I'll obey the manufacturer.

Update (Oct. 10th, 2010)

I've been getting tired of the duct-taped phones. The problem is that this (from above) is a US-only website, and for the life of me, I couldn't find a Canadian distributor. I had to use their contact-us link and ask them. Anyway, here it is: > phone products > shop by series > ls series > LS6115 > Replacement battery : 891337

$16.99 * 2 + $12.90 shipping + $6.10 HST = $52.98

vtech Batteries
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