Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Google Voice in Canada > download > firefox > newest release > download now > add to firefox > allow > restart browser

Find a free proxy in usa:
add ons > foxy proxy > options > proxies > add new proxy > general > name: USA > proxy details > > ok > ok > close > right-click foxy icon at bottom right of browser > use USA for all
yep, it's in usa > get a voice number (at mid left) > enter any word and search > [your-number-here] > enter pin > accept > continue

You need a usa forwarding number. I used my skype number. It places a call to that number so you need skype open to answer it. They show you a code which you can enter in skype via the keypad, then hang up on skype and agree/finish with google voice. Yes, opt in for the spam filter.

Close google. Right-click foxy icon at bottom right of browser > completely disable foxy proxy. Now visit (proxy no longer needed).

You should now be able to receive SMS at this number.

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