Friday, December 12, 2014

Essential Software

Paint.Net (screen-captures)

Nice clean software. Great for touch-ups to ALT+PrintScreen screen captures. Also has decent layer support.

Notepad2 (replaces notepad)

Fantastic software. Clean like notepad but with all the features you didn't even know you needed. Smart tabs. Syntax highlighting. The Works. I can't live without it.

Agent Ransack (replaces windows search)

Fast and easy search. Find files. Find in files. A million times better than windows search.


The only way to talk to Unix from Windows.

WinSCP (replaces ftp)

Secure file transfer from Windows to Unix.

VLC Media Player (replaces windows media player, quicktime, realplayer, etc.)

Simple and clean media player. Plays anything.

LibreOffice Draw

Very good sticky box and arrow diagrams.

It has a bit of a learning curve. From the toolbar at the bottom, select the "rectangle" tool or select "rectangle" from the "basic shapes tool", then draw two boxes. Then select "curved connector ends with arrow" from the "connector" tool and draw a line between the two boxes. Note that it binds to the midpoint of the box edge. Then select the "glue points" tool which causes a new toolbar to appear. From the new toolbar select the "insert glue point tool" and click anywhere on a box edge. You probably have to click twice, once to select the box and once to insert the glue point. The glue point appears as an X. Insert a glue point on the other box as well. Now draw a new connector between the two glue points. Finally select the "select" tool and select then drag one of the boxes. You have produced a sticky box and arrow diagram. Note that with the "glue points" tool bar you can specify the exit/entry direction of each glue point. By default the exit/entry direction is based on some internal best-fit algorithm.

More Ideas

30 Essential Pieces Of Free (and Open) Software for Windows
Win XP -- 20 things you didn't know

- KDiff (compares text files)
- downloaded from:

- VideoLAN (plays movies)
- downloaded from:

- Visual Studio
- downloaded from:
- called: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition with Service Pack 1
- requires free account to register

- Visual Studio
- downloaded from:
- called: Visual C++ 2010 Express - English
- requires free account to register

- Visual Studio (installer that downloads the actual large installer)
- downloaded from:
- called: Visual Studio 2010 Professional
- 30 day trial, $800 to buy

- ImageJ
- downloaded from:
- called: ImageJ 1.47 bundled with 64-bit Java

- ImageJ MRC plugin
- downloaded from:  
- put it in C:\Program Files\ImageJ\plugins\jars\ and restart ImageJ

- Zen
- downloaded from:
- called: ZEN Lite 2012 black and blue Service Pack 2, 64-bit version 
- required registration as, gave Reference number: DEMI-20140311-00587DEF

- Paint.NET
- downloaded from:
- called: Paint.NET v3.5.11

- PNG Support in Delphi
- downloaded from:

- Camtasia
- Video Screen Capture
- Downloaded from:
- Requires email signup for free trial 

- Agent Ransack
- Downloaded from:
- adds right-click search to explorer
- Apache Web Server
- Downloaded from: 

- Auto Hot Key
- From stackoverflow, it sounds like this tool would be good for driving a Windows GUI program from a script for the purpose of automated testing.
- Downloaded from:
- Don't confuse this with (which is outdated)

- AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition
- Downloaded from:
- Easy way to split a system partition into two

- AOMEI Backupper Standard
- Downloaded from:
- Easy system partition backup/restore
- Notepad2
- Downloaded from:
- just unzip it to c:\Program Files\

- nvidia quadro 600 driver
- Downloaded from:

- Map2DBG converter for delphi projects
- Downloaded from:

- WinDBG, i.e. Standalone debugging tools for Windows XP as part of Windows 7 SDK
- Downloaded from:
- Note, the WinDbg install will fail with a useless message unless your first uninstall all versions of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable.

- Mind Map (reads .mm files) 
- Downloaded from:

- Java Run Time
- Downloaded from:

- PuTTY (SSH client)
- Downloaded from:
- HxD - Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor
- Downloaded from:

- Downloaded from:

- Zeiss ZVI Images
- Downloaded from:
- via:

- Emulates Linux, required for TIF2MRC
- Downloaded from:

- Provides TIF2MRC
- Downloaded from:

- Access to Kiln source
- Downloaded from:
- Advanced text editor
- Downloaded from:

- put this in the Notepad++/plugins folder for the XML plugin

- Windows updates taking forever...
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