Monday, August 31, 2009

Mazda Belt Squeel

Aug 26
- long and loud at startup in the morning (on video)
- long and loud at startup for lunch
- brief and mild at startup after lunch
- long and loud at startup after work

Aug 27
- nothing in the morning but brief and mild at stop to drop off wife
- big squeal at lunch
- big squeal after work (on video)

Aug 28
- nothing in the morning
- brief squeal after breakfast
- squeal in gear after work

Aug 29
- persistent quiet squeal through 9-10 stoplights

Aug 30
- persistent quiet squeal at low speeds

Sometimes I get squeal at start, but usually it's not until I put it in gear. At start I usually wait 15s before putting it in gear. When squealing, giving it extra gas makes it much louder. One morning, when squealing in park, after the squeal stopped, I used the power windows, and the squeal started. I did this about five times in a row: no squeal, run windows, squeal starts, stop running windows, squeal stops, with about a 3s lag.

I've read about a bunch of causes: pwr steering pump's oil, alternator pulley, flange gasket between exhaust and manifold (unrelated to belt but same sound). I'm willing to replace something if you think it'll help. I've read mixed reviews on belt dressing, but I'm willing to periodically apply that if you think it's a good idea.

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