Friday, September 18, 2009

Joeperry Lake, Site 519

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Mike & Amanda, Tyner.
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Camped at site 519 with Amanda and Tyner. We had a great trip with great weather. I'd been stressed out and run down and almost called off the trip. Amanda was supposed to meet us there after we'd setup camp. She was going to call Tyner's cell when she arrived. But we got there late and didn't get to the lake until sunset. We tried calling her from the payphone buy her blackberry didn't ring. So we just canoed out to the site as the last rays of sun slipped beneath the horizon. We need lights to setup camp. Once the tents were up and the gear was stowed, we canoed back to the mainland to try and call her again. We were driving towards the payphone, when a car started coming towards us (it's basically a one car track). Fortune was smiling on us, because it was Amanda, just arriving, still in tights and a business skirt after a long day of meetings. She said later that her plan was to drive to the end of the road and if we weren't there waiting for her (something that never occurred to me) then she would just lay on the horn. Not the most considerate approach, but probably quite effective.

Bon Echo Provincial Park

On our way from the site, before we met her, we canoed past some other campers who asked where we were going (I think it was my first canoe by starlight adventure) to which Tyner replied, "Oh, just going to make a phone call". Then as we canoed back, with a new knock-out passenger the guys said "That must have been one heck of a phone call." -- what a great trip. (P.S. sinking your beer to the bottom of the lake doesn't keep it very cold)

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