Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Frontenac: Cluster 4, Site C

Frontenac Provincial Park

Mike & Amanda.
Site Map, Site Description, My Advice.

This was our first time camping at Frontenac. We had booked at cluster 12 because that's all that was available. It turns out that cluster 12 is very hard to get to and is basically a swamp. Luckily someone had canceled at cluster 4. We'd assumed that we could rent a canoe from the park. Not true. They sent us to Frontenac Outfitters. Again we were lucky. There had been a cancellation, otherwise there wouldn't normally have been anything available.

Cluster 4 is a beautiful site halfway down Big Salmon Lake. You can drive right down to the lake to unload your gear, but may have to backtrack a considerable distance to find parking. Only small electric motors are allowed on this lake, so it's quite peaceful. We had a great time and saw a meteor shower.

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