Thursday, July 1, 2010

Frontenac: Cluster 5, Sites A and B

Frontenac Provincial Park

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This one was on a long weekend. I booked sites 5A and 5B by calling 5 months in advance (Feb 1st) at 9am. Got the busy signal for about six minutes of consecutive dialing. Booked a July 1st arrival, July 4th departure. I was just going to book the sites and then invite someone to go with us. Bad idea. You need seperate identities (name, email, phone, physical address) for each site. You can change it after the fact but there is a fee. They gave me reference numbers and said they would call back for visa info. It turns out they were in the midst of a system change and tried calling me and didn't get through so they canceled the booking. Fortunately I called back before the sites were released back into the availability pool. A real reservation now comes with an email titled "Ontario Parks Reservation Confirmation" that includes a bar-code. One month prior to camping I got commitments from the other campers and updated the park with who would be arriving and what sites they would use. called May 4th, booked fiberglass canoe from Frontenac Outfitters, $36x4+tax, 48hr cancellation notice.

Frontenac Provincial Park

Cluster 5 is good. We had a crazy hot weekend and a constant 10km breeze, which was great. But in the fall, if that breeze is still there, you'd get cold fast. Poison ivy is marked nearby and there's a marshy creek, and the constant wind into the bay makes the water seem less clean. But there is also a nice beach and a beautiful cliff. We had a great time. We went on a long hike to Big Clear Lake near Cluster 13. I really enjoyed swimming there. I think I'll try that cluster next.

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