Thursday, April 23, 2015


Lone Wolf Forest Yurt

Lone Wolf Forest Yurt ~ April 2015

Had a fantastic time at Lucy and Dwight's glamorous Yurt at Will definitely go again.

Lac La PĂȘche in Gatineau Park

Lac La PĂȘche in Gatineau Park ~ June 2012

Mike, Tyner & Cynthia. Tyner planned this one. We had rough weather but a great time. Amanda bailed because dogs aren't allowed in Gatineau.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake ~ May 2012

Mike & Amanda & Pilot. Pilot's first camping experience. Great success. Car camping, but mid-week the place is deserted, so we had a great time.

Falls Brook Yurts

Falls Brook Yurts ~ Sept 2011

Chris planned a trip for Nick Willan and myself to some yurts in the Adirondacks. We had a great trip, went hiking and swimming in the Hudson river and one night drove out to the Davidson Brothers Brewing Company in Glens Falls.

Gatineau Yurts

Gatineau Yurts ~ April 2011

Great trip. Started hiking ~5pm with advertised sunset at 7:30pm. Was convinced I would be stranded alone in the dark but eventually caught up with them and we arrived at the Yurt well past 7:30 just as the light failed.


Houseboat ~ May 2009

Chris and I tagged along on a houseboat trip with Andy and his friends in the thousand islands.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake ~ May 2008

Karen & Mike planed this trip. We just tagged along. Silver lake is car camping, but it has some good hiking trails, and we had a great time.

Sharbot Lake

Sharbot Lake ~ September 2007

Jana & Andy planed this trip. We just tagged along. Sharbot lake is car camping, but it has some good hiking trails. We actually ended up playing tichu most of the time.

The Noir

The Noir ~ September 2007

This was a Daniel Pixley adventrue booked through the same guy as the Coulonge. This was a fun trip, but Amanda has zero white-water experience, and I'm not nearly qualified to sit in the back.


Presqu'ile ~ June 2007

We stopped here on our way to stratford so that I could check out the group camping sites, one of which I later used for my singularity. This is a nice park, good for a day trip or a BBQ, but not much for actual camping, and certianly not for swimming.

Frontenac Provincial Park

Frontenac Provincial Park ~ Frequently: 2006 - 2010

This is not car camping. They call it a "back country" park. Download the Park Tabloid from the Friends of Frontenac Provincial Park to see the sites available. Call the park for advice at 613-376-3489, or read the descriptions online. Once you have a plan, call 1-888-668-7275 to book your site.

The Coulonge

The Coulonge ~ August 2005

This was a Daniel Pixley adventrue. Great trip and a great way to get to know the Entrust guys before agreeing to work there.


Sandbanks ~ July 2004

Chris & Angie drove to Kingston and took us to Sandbanks. They have a good dog beach there, although swimming in Lake Ontario isn't great. As always we had a good time. Good luck keeping the sand out of the tent.

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park ~ Frequently: 2004 - 2012

Bon Echo has a lot to offer. Most people only know it as car camping, but on the west side of the highway, there are canoe sites on Joeperry Lake and hike sites on Abes lakes. These lakes aren't much for swimming, but it's an easy way to camp away from the crowd.

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