Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stratford Year 6

Wednesday July 14th Wake. Drive to Scarborough to visit the Grandparents. Listen to The Art Of Racing In the Rain as we drive. Lunch with the Grandparents, then on to Stratford. Arrive at Buckingham House. This is a great house with a great host. Walk to Pearl Japanese Sushi. Delicious. See "Evita" at The Avon. Very well done. I don't usually like musicals. A dynamic performance.

Evita The Winter's Tale
Gallery Gallery

Thursday July 15th An easy morning. A little shopping then on to an open house at St. James Church. Met a great lady with lots of historical insight. Talked more about buying a house. Decided to do it. Lunch at the York Street Kitchen. Read some Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. Dinner at Simple Fish and Chips. Were almost caught in the rain. Saw "The Winter's Tale" at The Tom Patterson Theatre. Very impressive, especially the costume design.

The Tempest As You Like It
Gallery Gallery

Friday July 16th Amazing breakfast as always. Another easy day. Almost bought some furniture. Had a late lunch (with Guinness) at Molly Blooms Irish Pub. Read some more Zen. This evening saw "The Tempest" with Christopher Plumber at The Festival Theatre. Great show. Strong Performance (especially by Christopher Plumber) and vibrant colours in set and costume design. Very different take on Miranda, played more like a Wench, not sure I liked that, but is probably realistic.

Buckingham House B&B

Saturday July 17th Spent the morning by the lake. Saw Christopher Plumber getting some exercise. Decided to leave him unassailed. Fabulous lunch at the Annex Room. Great storm clouds. Dinner at Pan Tapas and Grill (very small portions). Saw a humorous exchange between some large americans and the staff. This evening at The Festival Theatre, saw "As You Like It". My favourite of the season. One of my favourites of all time. Set designer Debra Hanson and artistic director Des McAnuff staged it in the world of the 1920s with a surrealist bent, which I absolutely loved. Duke Frederick was very dark, sort of a cross between Hitler and Mussolini. All strong performances except for Jacques who seemed to stumble over a few lines (which I've never seen at Stratford before), but I otherwise loved his character so much it didn't matter. Also, the guy who played Adam (a veteran of Stratford Theatre) was as always, superb.

Sunday July 18th Our last breakfast, then off to Toronto to brunch with Riz & Sabrina. Then and easy, but long ride home, with more of The Art Of Racing In The Rain.

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