Friday, June 8, 2007

Stratford Year 3

Friday June 8th This is our first year driving from Ottawa. It's a long way. We finally arrived at The Lilly Pad B&B. It's a beautiful house, but I prefer a less talkative host. We saw Othello in the Tom Patterson Theatre this evening. I wasn't fond of it. Iago was superb, but I didn't like Othello's delivery. Professional Shakespeare should be easy to understand, but Othello's dialogue kept blurring to noise for me.

Othello To Kill A Mocking Bird King Lear

Saturday June 9th I'm still on a bent to see every B&B in town, so we move after breakfast today. Embarrassingly our second destination happens to have an adjacent back yard to the Lilly Pad. Both hosts dragged it out of me. Acrylic Dreams B&B isn't bad, but both the house and host just aren't my style. Saw To Kill A Mockingbird at the Avon. Stunning performance. This was my first time in the Avon and it's a standard flat stage, which is not my preference. I think the Avon performance cater to a more Niagara-On-The-Lake crowd, and I'll probably avoid it.

The Lilly Pad B&B Acrylic Dreams B&B

Sunday June 10th Saw King Lear this afternoon. It was very long. Then we drove straight to Ottawa, which was even longer. Arrived so burned out that I can barely remember the performance. We won't be stacking a show and a long drive like this again.

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