Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Stratford Year 1

Wednesday September 20th This is our first trip to Stratford together. I'm just finished my Masters and about to start work with Entrust in October. I have no money and Amanda is taking me as a treat. We're going by train from Kingston, and I thought we might camp. It seems that their fall-fair grounds can be rented for tents at $10/night. But Amanda prevailed that we (she) can afford a B&B. Unfortunately, they're all booked up, but we managed to get one night at The Bard and Breakfast B&B and the next two nights at The Maples Of Stratford B&B. So, our odyssey begins at the Kingston Train Station, where our train is delayed because someone (way down the track) has committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. Consequently trains are canceled today and we're all piled onto a bus. But that causes us to miss our connection in Toronto. Thankfully, VIA is a responsible company and sends us to Stratford by Taxi. Checkin wasn't until 5pm, so we hung out, mostly by the lake, with our gear, looking like vagrants. This evening we saw The Lark at The Festival Theatre with Amanda Plumber. It was a very dark and very moving performance. We both loved it. We'd each been to Stratford on school trips before, but this was our first time together. I think we're hooked.

The Lark The Tempest As You Like It

Thursday September 21st We have to checkout after breakfast, and have no where to store our gear until evening. And it's cold. This isn't ideal, but I love The Maples Of Stratford B&B. Amanda will hate this, but I'm going to want to stay at multiple different B&Bs again next year. We have lunch at an awesome green noodle house on Erie St. And make mugs at a paint-your-own-clay place on York St. Mine (for amanda) doesn't turn out so well, but Amanda's (for me) is a masterpiece. This evening we see The Tempest at the Festival Theatre. We run into one of Amanda's old English teachers. Luckily we no longer look like vagrants.

The Bard And Breakfast B&B The Maples Of Stratford B&B

Friday September 22nd It's nice to not have to move B&Bs today. We have a great time but get caught in the rain. The Maples is pretty far from the action. This evening we see As You Like It at The Festival Theatre. It's done in a summer of love theme, and I love it. Amanda thought they hammed it up a bit at the end because there were a lot of high school students in the audience (cater to the crowd), but I didn't mind. Maybe next year we won't go in September.

Saturday September 23rd Our train is super early, so we have to get up and depart before breakfast. It's a long way home, but I've had a great time and hope we come back every year. After arriving in Kingston, because I am ridiculous, I make us walk back home from the Train Station. In my defence it was a nice day, and we didn't have any pressing engagements.

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