Saturday, March 20, 2010

Amanda's Kilimanjaro


Exceprt From Amanda's Blog

On Saturday morning, Mo and I reached the Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was hard. HARD. But I just kept following Mo. Neither of us had any symptoms of altitude sickness. We walked about 90km from the start to the end of the Lemosho route that we took, starting at 1900m and climbing to over 5600m.

I'm surprised I didn't die. I'm also surprised how well the 'just follow Mo' strategy worked. It was hard. We had two long days of hard hiking, but all the days were fun and nice and a challenge. The photos I have taken and am guarding with my life will show you the many different terrains we walked through. I promise a better, longer post once I have a keyboard with the right layout and a better connection.I have four flights to take before I get back to ottawa. They start tonight at 10pm Moshi time and extend until 11pm Ottawa time. A total travel time of 30hrs, including shuttle.


Embassy                 $80.00
Cash                   $633.18
Travel Doctor & Shots  $315.00
MEC                    $474.60
MEC                    $389.68
BUSHTUKAH              $197.47
BULK BARN               $39.99
STARBUCKS                $5.03
INDIGO BOOKS            $25.37
CHAPTERS                $69.45
RIDEAU COLOUR           $11.33
MICHAEL'S               $24.24
PHARMA PLUS             $16.94
WAL-MART                $39.82
GAPADVENTURES        $2,455.34
Porter Air             $595.64
Delta Air            $1,192.29
OTTAWA TAXI             $33.50
BLACK'S                 $37.27
Total: $6,958.21 = $695.82/day
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