Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Friend's Adventures (Cloud World)

We had two sessions with the gestalts. I'm the Psion/Warblade.

Right. The cloud world.

We get on the airship, head off, chasing a halfling. We are attacked by a pirate ship, fight it off, get into a chase. Then we crash into a floating mountain in a blizzard.

Blizzards must suck in a cloud world.

We huddle down in the ship overnight and then the captain sends us out as a search party, looking for food, wood, people, anything.

So you guys work for this captain or whatever. It's not your ship?

Yeah, we are all experienced deck hands and we sort of got enlisted by force.

Okay, so not much loyalty then.

No, but we need the money. So we find a cave and check it out, after climbing up the cliff. We kill some wolves, then crawl through a tight tunnel and find a door that gives you taint if you touch it.


It's a way of measuring your contact with serious bad shit. We all managed to get ourselves pretty badly tainted through this temple complex.

Okay. So don't open the door.

But there's no other way to go, so we just say fuck it, we're advernturous, lets do it. We're super powered gestalt people, we are exceptional.

Sounds bold.

My character dishes out the most damage. Uses a Glaive or greatsword, plus full Psion powers. So we go in, there's a fountain thats spewing water that turns to ice as it spills over the edge of the pool. And there's a sword by the fountain that is crazy evil so we don't go near it.

We go past there and we find some ghosts and shit. We get candles in various places. We got through a door by lighting candles and then found a safe place to rest. Leveled up to 2nd.

Very good. Who in your party can sense evil?

This was beyond a special need to sense evil. It was palpable.

Then we found two ways to go. The left went to a weird gap in the hallway with a thick black line around it. It dripped black goo. The other way led to a narrow passage you had to slide down that led to a shaft ten feet across and apparently infinitely deep. Five feet down on the opposite side is a passageway.

Spider climb would be helpful then. Got lots of rope?

We had previously found 150 feet of silk rope and a climbing harness, but we decided to take our chances with the black drippy thing.

Okay. So how did you open the black thing without getting covered in evil goo?

We made lucky tumble or dex checks actually. Totally just went for it. No plan at all. We were thinking of shit and we just decided to say fuck it and go all in.

We go, and as each person passes through, the blackness reaches out more, then it turns into a shadowy golem. I nail it with my glaive (which we've taken to calling the wolf), then the ghost we'd encountered earlier comes along and leashes the thing. It says some spooky shit, gives us some paper and flies away.

Is that in honor of all the wolves you killed earlier? Calling your sword "the wolf" I mean.

We found a wolf cowering near the tainted door earlier and we were making jokes about sundering things that got in our way, and also about bringing the wolf along to help us, so it became "I sunder the fountain with the wolf".

So we go past there, find a dining hall and get some antique candle sticks. Then there's a room with a casket made of ice but nothing we can do and then a room with nine statues representing the known gods and the rest of the pantheon not know to most people. Last, we find a room with snow falling in it.

Magic or open ceiling?

Open ceiling but very very high. Also, we had found various scraps of paper with words on them spread around the dungeon.

We just fought off two ships full of evil, illusion covered elves. I dominated by using my new expansion power (we're level 3 now). I became large, the bard gave us attack bonuses and I had a reach weapon so none of the enemies could manouver.

Like the enlarge spell?

Yeah, but it's psionic. And I have a warblade manouver that lets me strike two enemies I threaten with a standard action. I can do it every two rounds if I don't move.

So as long as they flock to you, it's a slaughter.

When I'm large, my greatsword threatens two squares on all sides, and the guisarme is up to four spaces away, so I can cover a very big area.

And this is while you're flying in your airship?

Yeah, which basically means I can lock down the whole deck of the ship, and being large gives me huge bonuses to trip and bullrush, so I really lock people down.

We killed the captains of the ships because I tripped them, which made them really easy to hit and the rogue got sneak, plus if they stand I get an attack of opportunity which I can use to make a trip attempt.

How is your taint going?

Taint was removed but then I got one point somewhere else. We found some portals that go between islands but we don't know how to open them. We just got back to the main city of the country we're from, with only the ship captain, the first mate, the three PCs and one surviving crewmember (about twelve died).

Twelve casulties. Ouch.

Yeah, but we killed maybe twenty elves.

Did they have cargo?

They have these cursed boats that don't need sails but cause you to go into a blood frenzy, so we just cut them loose.

Blood frenzy sounds bad.

They haven't been seen anywhere within two months sailing for five hundred years, so we don't know why they're around. We found one of the boats in the weird temple thing where we crashed at the start.

Yeah. I thought you mentioned that it was mostly humans.

It is, two large human nations plus a small halfling nation and an insular dwarven one. Orcs are a month away. Elves are on the far side of them.

So you don't see them often, but did you expect them to be evil?

Not really, but we don't know much about them.

So, we met the actual owner of the ship and he gave us a bunch of cash and told us to get fancy clothes for a ball in the royal quarter, and that's where we ended.

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