Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Friend's Adventures (Hydra)

We had a more generic world I designed. A big cataclysm occurred a few hundred years ago. Parts of the world were overwritten by a different one, resulting in the collapse of all governments. Suddenly half of everything is longer there, and in its place are confused new people. And darker things.

In the city the PCs were from, there was weird cultist activity happening all over, and they found an artifact that let them detect weak places in reality where something evil called "The Devourer" was trying to get through.

They found out that the Devourer feeds on gods and was looking to get through to their world.

Then they got switched to the new world where all the plants are metal and you can't walk through the grass without taking damage unless you have special shoes.

I'm from that world. I was hit by lightning. Now I hit everything with lightning all the time.

And I fly.

We had epic D&D yesterday. We're on holiday here so we had an extra long session.

Is this the metal world where you're lightening-man?

Yeah. There was only the Dragonborn Paladin and myself. At the beginning. We had ended the previous session almost overwhelmed by Yuan-ti, so this session the paladin and I woke up in a cage, with no equipment.

I love that plot device. (wake up without your stuff)

The guards told us that they nedded us for "the life giving ritual" which didn't sound very good to us so we decided that when the food came we would make a break for it. This was after my master diplomacy/bluff guy got a 1 on my bluff roll (this would set the tone for most of the session). We managed to get out of the cage and then it was the coice of fighting armed and armoured guys barehanded or jumping off the Ziggurat. So we decided that jumping off was preferable. It was a city of yuan-ti. But there weren't many people around. We made our way to a storage hut that had lots of old equipment from people they had captured and got some basic gear on and made a break for the forest.

That's handy.

I tried to make a distraction by shooting lightning at a grain storage place but it just fizzled (this will become important later). We got to the forest by cutting a hole in the back wall of our hut rather than going out the door and the snake guys didn't follow us in very far. We overheard them saying "The won't get far in the forest of no return".

Sounds ominous. And I suppose you're not familiar with the surrounding territory.

Then we noticed that there were random bits of the metal trees and also animals that had been turned to stone. We don't know where we are at all. We did some recon of the city but there wasn't much we could do. We noticed that there were two really big flags at the top of the mountain (the city is on the side of a mountain). so we went up there to investigate. We found a fighting arena built into an extinct volcano crater and figured out that it was used for some religous festival. There was a big tunnel 30 feet high leading into the mountain from one side and a bunch of armour and weapon racks set up in the arena. As we were outfitting ourselves with better gear, and getting the pally suited up in some plate, a fucking hydra comes roaring out of the tunnel.


It's daytime, but I think they don't guard it because it's just a big pit with a hydra in it. Why guard that?

Yeah. Totally.

So we get in the mix with the hydra, and I drop a zone on it that I can sustain each round that does 8 thunder damage each round (I have 10 thunder resist so it can't hurt me) and the pally and I flank it and start going to town. The paladin has it marked so if it attacks me it takes some damage but I also threw up a utility that gives me a random benefit for the encounter and I was really lucky and got the one that says "whenever an enemy attacks you, it takes 2d6+6 damage" (that's attacks me, not hits me) so now if the thing tries to hit me, it takes 2d6+6 from me, plus the pally does 8 automatically, and he can make an attack of opportunity.

Sweet. I'm guessing that the snake people worship the hyrda and are going to be really pissed when you kill it.

Yeah, basically. So it didn't hit me the whole time and we were pretty lucky to kill it, considering we didn't have a real healer. The pally can lay on hands 3 times a day. I have a daily heal from multiclassing bard. It attacked me twice (it had 4 per round) and took a crap-tonn of damage. Then I got it to try one more time on an opportunity attack that I intentionally provoked, but it missed every time and still took the damage.

Okay. Awesome. So you kill it.

So we went looking for somewhere to rest and figure out how to find our other friends when we ran across two basilisks.

Woah... You're fighting some mean monsters. You're lvl 10+?

We're 11. Soon to be 12 after killing all these guys with just 2 pcs. We had a knock down, drag out fight where I lead one of the basilisks around so they couldn't gang up on the pally and we both made a ton of good saves and many bad attacks.

Saves against stone turning, if I remember correctly.

Yeah. First you're slowed, (save ends). If you fail your save, you're immobilized (save ends) if you fail that, you're petrified. We actually needed basilisk eyes to depetrify the wizard (DMs PC), so that was good. Then we tried to find a safe place to camp. As we were setting up our limited camp (no fire or real shelter) two of the archer bastards that beat us in the fight that got us captured showed up with 10 large snakes. That was a pretty great fight for me as I have tons of big blasts. I have one attack that I can keep attacking another guy as long as I keep hitting. I hit 12 times in a row.


The next turn I get a bonus on my first attack roll equal to the number of guys I hit, so I aim a big one at the leader of the snakes and I rolled a 1. It was pretty funny. The player of the pally was funny because he got critted probably 15 times. Pally...crit. was the moto of the night. At one point I was surrounded by snakes, poisoned twice, at 1 hp, guaranteed to take 5 damage at the start of my next turn. The paladin used a utility to give me saves against each condition I have. (saves are 10 or better to save on a d20). First save: 1. Second save: 20. A 20 on a save automatically saves against all your conditions. Popped a potion at the start of my turn, shifted out of the mass of snakes and popped a fire blast that killed 4 of the snakes and critted the archer guy.

But you must be close to death.

Actually the potion was pretty good, and my poison was cleared so I wasn't that bad.

Okay, sounds like the battle has turned a corner then.

Yeah, that was basically the end. Then the dwarf cleric comes wandering up.

One of your PCs that wasn't around?

Yeah. To rewind a bit, the dwarf cleric wasn't stripped of his gear, just shakled with magic shackles that prevent all hostile moves, and tied up in a grain shed - that I tried to blow up.

Good thing your spell fizzled.

When I popped the grain shed, it damaged the part of the wall he was shackled to and he managed to make a run for it because all the snake dudes were looking for us.

Very lucky.

A basilisk found him but he was able to outsmart/outrun it and find us after the many snakes fight. We cut the chain between the shackles but the bracelets still prevented him from attacking anything. We were still missing a dwarf and a goliath (like a half human/half giant thing). But we had noticed tons of goliath corpses in the hydras lair so we though we could chill out there and maybe ambush someone coming to feed the hydra and get some information out of them.

Uh.. none of those corpses were your friend?

No, they were all too old. So we rested and then staked out the hydra lair. A crew of Salamanders showed up. Fortuantely, one was the key master and the cleric managed to steal the keys from him with a very good roll.

A cleric/thief... weird.

Well he basically let himself get grappled by the keymaster dude and then grabbed his keyring. It wasn't a pick-pocket type steal. This fight is by far the worst, even compared to the previous day, but we had a full on healer. The pally was on fire the whole fight.

By "on fire" I assume you mean "on a killing spree", not "immolated".

No, I mean immolated.

Ha! Awesome.

I drop my thunder zone, which did some good damage. The pally slugged it out with two large snake guys with flaming spears. The leader guy was immmobilizing me with fire and shit. Crazy fight. Towards the end, one guy who had taken tons of damage from the zone was chasing me around. I started a turn at 0 hp from being on fire, dropped my daily heal on myself, critted him with my thunder walk power (lets me shift before attacking so I don't get opportunity attacks). On a crit I can fly 6 as a free action, so I got away from him then everyone dogpiled him because he was the last guy. Oh yeah, the cleric critted the keymaster/leader with his biggest daily for over 50 damage. The pally gets an additional 2d6 damage against any "elemental" creatures, so he was dropping some serious bombs when he could hit their high AC.

And this all happened in the hydra pit?

Actually amongst the benches, which made the terrain really rough. The cleric has a zone of radiant damage and it was overlapping the thunder zone which really drains the hp. I rolled a lot of 7s for attacks which really sucked, but I was good at my saves when I needed them. Overall some really good fights.

Awesome. A bunch of your terminology (like zones, utilities) is new to me. I guess you like the new rule system? I've never played it.

Yeah, it's reallly fun. Doesn't impede the role playing and is balanced enough that everyone gets cool stuff at higher levels.

So what were your other PCs doing (real life) when they were still lost (in-game). Just sitting around?

Not there. Other plans because of holidays.

Oh. right. so this was mulit-day, what you just described. Cool.

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