Friday, October 9, 1998

Saturday Sundae

The triple-decker and the double-cone I side-swipe swiftly, suck the coke-straws dry, Ride toadstool seat beside the slab of morgue Sweet corner drug-store, sweet pie in the sky.

Him of the front-flan apron, him I sing, The counter-clockwise clerk in underalls. Swing low, sweet chocolate. Oh swing, swing, While cheek by juke the jitter chatter falls.

I swivel on my axle and survey The latex tintex kotex cutex land. Soft kingdoms sell for dimes, Life Pic Look Click Inflate the sale with conquest girly grand.

My brothers and my sisters, two by two, Sit sipping succulence and sighing sex. Each tiny adolescent universe A world the vested interests annex.

Such bread and circuses these times allow, Opium most popular, life so small and slick. Perhaps with candy is the new world born And cellophane shall wrap the heretic.

- F. R. Scott

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