Saturday, August 29, 2020

Apple Crisp

Peel and chop apples into thumbnail chunks until you have 8 cups.
Preheat oven to 180°C
Grease a 9x13 baking dish.

In a large bowl combine:
- apple chunks
- 1/2 cup white sugar
- 1 tea spoon ground cinnamon
- 3 table spoons white flour
- 3 table spoons lemon juice

Flatten the apple mixture into the baking dish.
Melt 1/2 cup butter in microwave.

In the same bowl combine:
- butter
- 2 cups rolled oats

Then combine:
- 1/2 cup white flour
- 1 tea spoon baking powder
- 1 tea spoon ground cinnamon
- pinch of salt
- 1 cup brown sugar

Flatten the topping onto the apple mixture.
No need to wait for oven to reach tempertue.
Bake 40 minutes uncovered.
Take out of oven and loosely cover with tin foil.
Let sit 10 minutes before eating.

Serve with ice cream.
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Music Purchases

Dec 2008  Jeremy Fisher                       Back Porch Spirtuals          $9.90  iTunes
Feb 2009  The Decemberists                    Her Majesty                   $7.99  iTunes
Apr 2009  Coeur De Pirate                     Coeur De Pirate               $9.99  iTunes
Apr 2009  Buck56, Kyrie Kristmanson           x2 @ The Black Sheep         $40.00  Ticket Web
Apr 2009  Architecture In Helsinki            Fingers Crossed               $9.99  iTunes
Jul 2009  Kyrie Kristmanson, Holy Fuck, Iron & Wine  Blues Fest            $40.00  ottawabluesfest
Jul 2009  Joan Baez                           The Millennium Collection     $9.90  iTunes
Aug 2009  Ensemble Vivant & Catherine Wilson  Chamber Suite                 $9.99  iTunes
Aug 2009  The Clash                           The Essential Clash          $16.99  iTunes
Aug 2009  Dave Carroll                        Perfect Blue                  $9.99  iTunes
Aug 2009  Dave Carroll                        United Breaks Guitars         $0.99  iTunes
Aug 2009  Modest Mouse                        Alehouse, Kingston           $30.00  ticketmaster
Aug 2009  Braids                              Set Pieces                    $5.25
Sep 2009  Amelia Curran                       Hunter, Hunter               $18.38  sixshooterrecords
Oct 2009  Silversun Pickups / An Horse / Cage The Elephant @ Lansdown Centre       gift
Oct 2009  Miss Emily Brown                    Part of You Pours Out of Me  $11.08
Nov 2009  Iron & Wine                         Around The Well               $9.99  iTunes
Nov 2009  Rural Alberta Advantage             Hometowns                     $9.99  iTunes
Dec 2009  Pomplamoose                         VideoSongs                    $7.92  iTunes
Dec 2009  Zoe Keating                         One Cello x16 Natoma          $7.92  iTunes
Apr 2010  Mélissa Laveaux                     Camphor & Copper              $9.99  iTunes
Jun 2010  Yeah Yeah Yeahs                     It's Blitz                   $12.99  iTunes
Jun 2010  Nouvelle Vague                      3                             $9.99  iTunes
Oct 2010  Sarah MacDougall                    Crow's Lament                 $0.99  iTunes
Oct 2010  Soundtrack                          Inception                     $9.99  iTunes
Oct 2010  Kalle Mattson                       A To Z                        $0.99  iTunes
Nov 2010  On The Rocks                        Bad Romance                   $1.29  iTunes
Jul 2014  Psapp                               The Only Thing I Ever Wanted  $9.99  iTunes
Aug 2014  Les Poules A Colin                  Hebertiste Nocturne          $20.00  stratford barge
Aug 2014  Project Jenny, Project Jan          Xoxoxoxoxo                    $9.99  iTunes
Sep 2014  Me Without You                      Brother, Sister               $9.99  iTunes
Oct 2014  Adult                               Adult                         $9.90  iTunes
Nov 2014  Flobots                             Fight With The Tools          $7.99  iTunes
Dec 2014  Apparat                             The Devil's Walk              $9.99  iTunes
Jan 2015  Unwoman                             Lemniscate                    $9.99  iTunes
Feb 2015  Soundtrack                          Empire Of The Wolves         $10.99  iTunes
Feb 2015  Soundtrack                          Immortel                     $20.79  iTunes
Feb 2015  Julie London                        100 Original Tracks           $5.99  iTunes
Feb 2015  Soundtrack                          The Tourist                   $9.99  iTunes
Mar 2015  Philip Glass                        The Essential Deluxe         $12.99  iTunes
Mar 2015  Philip Glass                        Mishima                       $9.99  iTunes
Apr 2015  My Brightest Diamond                This Is My Hand              $10.99  iTunes
May 2015  Dead Mouse                          While(1<2)                   $14.99  iTunes
Jun 2015  Cary Brothers                       Under Control                 $9.90  iTunes
Jun 2015  Olenka & The Autumn Lovers          Warsaw Girl                   $5.94  iTunes
Jun 2015  Olenka & The Autumn Lovers          And Now We Sing               $9.99  iTunes
Jul 2015  Sage Francis                        Copper Gone                   $9.99  iTunes
Aug 2015  We Are Augustines                   Rise Ye Sunken SHips          $9.99  iTunes
Aug 2015  American Music Club                 Love Songs for Patriots       $9.99  iTunes
Sep 2015  The Antlers                         Hospice                       $9.99  iTunes
Oct 2015  Her Harbour                         Winter's Ghosts               $8.91  iTunes
Nov 2015  Slow Leaves                         Beauty Is so Common           $2.97  iTunes
Nov 2015  Herbaliser                          The Best Of Herbal Tonic      $9.99  iTunes
Dec 2015  The Black Heart Procession          The Spell                     $9.99  iTunes
Jan 2016  Denali                              The Instinct                  $8.91  iTunes
Feb 2016  Bell Orchestre                      As Seen Through Windows       $9.99  iTunes
Mar 2016  Florent Vollant                     Puamuna                       $9.99  iTunes
May 2016  The Elected                         Bury Me In My Rings           $9.99  iTunes
Jun 2016  Blackchords                         A Thin Line                   $9.99  iTunes
Jul 2016  Yo La Tengo                         Fade                          $9.99  iTunes
Jul 2016  Emm Gryner                          21st Century Ballads          $9.99  iTunes
Jul 2016  Marlaena Moore                      Beginner                      $7.92  iTunes
Jul 2016  Marlaena Moore                      Gaze                          $7.92  iTunes
Jul 2016  The Night Watch                     The Night Watch               $9.02  bandcamp
Jul 2016  The Night Watch                     Boundaries                    $9.02  bandcamp
Aug 2016  St. Vincent                         St. Vincent                  $11.99  iTunes
Aug 2016  St. Vincent                         Strange Mercy                 $9.99  iTunes
Sep 2016  Alcoholic Faith Mission             Misery Loves Company          $8.82  iTunes
Sep 2016  Alcoholic Faith Mission             421 Wythe Avenue              $9.99  iTunes
Sep 2016  Alcoholic Faith Mission             Let This Be the Last Night We $9.99  iTunes
Sep 2016  Alcoholic Faith Mission             Ask Me This                   $9.99  iTunes
Oct 2016  Unwoman                             Uncovered                     $9.99  iTunes
Oct 2016  Unwoman                             Uncovered, Vol. 3             $9.99  iTunes
Oct 2016  Unwoman                             Circling                      $9.99  iTunes
Nov 2016  Jim James                           Eternaly Even                 $9.99  iTunes
Dec 2016  Harry Gregson-Williams              Man On Fire                  $11.99  iTunes
Dec 2016  Harry Gregson-Williams              Phone Booth                   $9.99  iTunes
Dec 2016  Harry Gregson-Williams              Spy Game                      $7.99  iTunes
Dec 2016  Harry Gregson-Williams              The East                     $11.99  iTunes
Dec 2016  Harry Gregson-Williams              The Martian                   $9.99  iTunes
Dec 2016  Harry Gregson-Williams              Total Recall                  $8.99  iTunes
Jan 2017  Robot Koch                          Hypermoment                  $11.99  iTunes
Jan 2017  Robot Koch                          The Other Side                $9.99  iTunes
Jan 2017  Robot Koch                          Particle Fields              $10.99  iTunes
Mar 2017  M83                                 M83                           $9.99  iTunes
Mar 2017  M83                                 Digital Shades                $9.99  iTunes
Mar 2017  M83                                 Oblivion                     $12.99  iTunes
Apr 2017  As The Poets Affirm                 I Wanna Tell My Heart         $9.99  iTunes
Apr 2017  As The Poets Affirm                 The Jaws That Bite            $9.99  iTunes
Jul 2017  Erik Satie                          Gnossiennes & Gymnopédies     $9.99  iTunes
Jul 2017  Max Richter                         Vivaldi, The Four Seasons     $7.99  iTunes
Jul 2017  Tindersticks                        The Something Rain            $8.91  iTunes
Aug 2017  Philip Glass                        The Hours (soundtrack)        $9.99  iTunes
Aug 2017  Philip Glass                        Complete Piano Etudes        $17.99  iTunes
Aug 2017  Giovanni Battista Pergolesi         Stabat Mater	            $9.99  iTunes
Aug 2017  Régine Crespin	              Classic Recitals	            $9.99  iTunes
Sep 2017  RY X                                Dawn                          $9.99  iTunes
Oct 2017  Caamp                               Caamp (+singles)             $13.86  iTunes
Nov 2017  The Beaches                         Late Show                     $7.99  iTunes
Nov 2017  The Dø                              Shake, Shook, Shaken         $10.99  iTunes
Nov 2017  The Dø                              Both Ways Open Jaws          $11.99  iTunes
Nov 2017  The Dø                              A Mouthful                   $11.99  iTunes
Nov 2017  Moths & Locusts                     Intro/Outro                   $9.99  iTunes
Mar 2018  Claire Lynch                        Black Flowers                 $1.29  iTunes 
Mar 2018  Immaculate Machine                  Ones and Zeros                $9.99  iTunes
Mar 2018  Ben Caplan                          In the Time of the Great      $9.90  iTunes
Mar 2018  Ben Caplan                          Birds With Broken Wings       $9.99  iTunes
Apr 2018  Simirt                              Songs of Resilience          $10.99  iTunes
Apr 2018  Simirt                              From the Ancient Storm        $9.99  iTunes
Apr 2018  Simirt                              Simrit                        $9.99  iTunes
Jul 2020  Billie Eilish                       When we all fal asleep...     $7.90  iTunes
Jul 2020  Billie Eilish                       Don't Smile At Me             $7.90  iTunes
Jul 2020  Billie Eilish                       Singles                       $8.76  iTunes
Saturday, May 23, 2020

Buying a Battery Powered Chainsaw

I looked at this in Sept 2019 and found Top Battery Powered Chainsaws Reviewed which is just a list of ads, but of interest are:
- DeWalt DCCS670X1 60V 3Ah 16" 12.2lbs
- Zombi ZCS5817 58V 4Ah 16" 13.7lbs

Then I found Best Battery-Powered Chainsaw which is a very thorough review from February 2017. It's worth the read even though it's old. Of interest are:
- DeWalt DCCS670X1 60V 3Ah 16" 12.2lbs ($478 on (60 cuts)
- Ego CS1604 ($419 on (90 cuts)

I looked again in May 2020 and found Best Cordless Electric Chainsaws which is a decent review from Jan 2020. Of interest are:
- DeWalt DCCS670X1 60V 3Ah 16" 12.2lbs (43 cuts)
- Stihl MSA 200 C-BQ 36V (108 cuts)

That Sthil is a 14" bar, but the 220 is a 16" bar so, I'm considering the 220 below.

Considering just these three, it's not clear when the model was introduced, when the next model will come on the market, or even if they may change the parts without changing the model number.

As of May 2020 the prices are:
DCCS670X1 $498
DCCS670X1 $479
DCCS670B (no battery/charger) $300
CS1604 $478
MSA 220 C-BQ $490 (no battery)
MSA 220 C-BQ $480 (no battery)
MSA 220 C-BQ $480 (no battery)
MSA 220 C-BQ $900
MSA 220 C-BQ $900

The dealer sites are:
MSA 220 C-BQ

Here's a quick comparison. For the Stihl, the stats are when fitted with the AP 300 battery.

Model                DCCS670X1  CS1604     MSA 220 C-BQ
Bar                  16"        16"        16"
Amp Hour             3.0        5.0        6.0
Voltage              60 V       56 V       36 V
Weight               12.2 lbs   13.6 lbs   10.9 lbs
Motor                Brushless  Brushless  Brushless
Chain Brake          yes        yes        yes
Auto-Oiling          yes        yes        yes
Tool-free tensioning yes        yes        yes
Warranty             3 years    5 years    3 years
Cost                 $500       $480       $900

Regarding date of technology, from we see that Stihl MSA 160 C-BQ is at least as old as April 2016, but on we see the Stihl MSA 160 C-BQ listed as a "Year = 2020" product, and on the Stihl website under technical data it says "The version(s) available in each country may differ from the above range and specifications; specific details may be subject to change without notice". So I conclude that the physical parts may differ within the same product code from year to year.

The two primary technologies are the motor and the battery. You're free to purchase a modern battery against an older motor.

As of May 2020 the prices are:
DCB606 (6.0 Ah battery) $210
DCB606 (2 pack) $300
DCB118 (Charger) $120

So the DeWalt would compare to the Stihl in cuts with at 6.0 Ah battery, but that brings the price to 300 + 210 + 120 = 630. Note that the 3.0 Ah battery that comes with the X1 kit isn't sold separately. Also note that while the kit reviews on are overwhelmingly positive, the recent reviews are all negative, citing the following concerns:
- 3.0 Ah battery discharges quickly
- frequent chain derails
- oil reservoir empties before a single charge of the 9.0 Ah

On the site, the MSA 220 C-BQ is marked as "New" compared to for example the MSA 200 C-BQ. This gives some hope that it was designed with at 6.0 Ah battery in mind and that they didn't bring out a model supporting a 16" bar until they could really support it.

Saturday, January 4, 2020



Munich ~ June 2019

Business trip to Munich for a week. Just me and Dave. Stayed at Achat. This was mostly architecture discussions. We had a very productive week. We went every night to a beer garden except the last night which was a painted German restaurant. And mid-week we went up the tower in the olympic park.


Oberkochen ~ April 2019

Business trip to Munich & Oberkochen for a week. Just me and Dave. Stayed at Ibis Styles. This was the formation of the EmCommon focus group. We had a very productive week. Josef took us for a tour of his farm and a hike near Heubach.

Alex & Kathy

Banff ~ March 2019

Barrow and I flew out to Calgary and drove to Banff for Alex & Kathy's wedding. Great but short trip. Very cold. Beautiful. It was great to meet Kathy's family and to see Alex's again after such a long time.


Oberkochen ~ February 2019

Business trip to Oberkochen for a week. Jafar & Dave & Alex & Ken & Mike & myself. Stayed at Ibis Styles. This was the InSitu Hackathon. Most of the Prometheus team from Munich joined in person. We had a very productive week and the final demo was successful, but it served more to advance InSitu, and did very little for ZisEmCommon.


Munich ~ July 2018

Business trip to Munich for a week. Jafar & Kim & myself. Stayed at Achat. Mostly this was the expansion of the Prometheus team, and things like writing our Agile charter. Also we got some important architecture meetings in but there is a travel ban on, so Oberkochen couldn't attend in person.


Montreal ~ April 2018

Short but very nice visit to Montreal. We stayed at an AirB&B hotel (room with full kitchen) next door to Tyner & Cynthia. We got up early and took a long stroll to an indoor/outdoor market where we bought chocolate, pastries and cheese. We had take-out poke for lunch back at the hotel, then we took the train to the Botanical Gardens and met up with Tyner & Cynthia. EAH had a fun time in the green houses, but couldn't wait in line to see the butterflies. We all had a stroll on the grounds before heading back. Korean take-out for dinner at Tyner & Cynthia's while EAH slept.


Oberkochen ~ March 2018

Business trip to Munich for a week. Just me. Dave was planning to come, but had to cancel. I had to drive a rental from Munich to Aalen. Stayed at City Hotel Antik. On this trip I met Michal and Christian and Miriam for the first time. It was all meetings and architecture discussions. Samir also joined. We made good progress, but I caught a cold and was sick most of the week. On the way home I drove to the wrong airport, but still arrived at MUC with plenty of time. Very worthwhile trip.


Munich ~ December 2017

Business trip to Munich for a week. Just me and Dave. Stayed at Achat. We dropped the bags and took the subway to Marienplatz. It is a very beautiful christmas market at this time of year. Got the Atlas-In-Athena demo working. This trip was the start of the Atlas Migration team, but was mostly for EM acquisition in Zen. I met Samir for the first time. Josef also joined. We all attended the Zeiss christmas party on wednesday evening.


Edmonton ~ August 2017

Libby performed like a star baby on the flight. Alex picked us up a the airport was so kind as to loan us his place for the week. Beautiful view. We went to heritage festival with Alex & Kathy & kids. We hung out with Shannon & Jared & Soren in Kinsmen Park and at the Legislature. Amanda had lunch with Tannis. I went out to dinner with Alex and Kathy. We went to the Science center with Shannon & Jared & Soren. Amanda had dinner with Shannon. We met Mike & Karen & Kids at the zoo. I went out to dinner and and Escape Room with Alex and Kathy. Libby didn't sleep a wink on the flight home.


Munich ~ July 2017

Business trip to Munich for a week. Just me and Jafar. Stayed at Holiday Inn. Terrible wifi. This trip was agile training for the Arcturus team of which I'm not really a part. Still, it might have been worthwhile.

Amherst Island

Amherst Island ~ July 2017

Amanda rented an Air B&B on Amherst Island and spent the week with Riz & Sabrina. I joined them for the weekend. Nice sheep.


Seoul ~ March 2017

Business to South Korea for a week. Just me. Beautiful country. Delicious food. Much more civilized then here. They must think we're savages. Worked long hard days.


Munich ~ September 2016

Business trip to Munich for a week. Stayed at Achat. We ran a hackathon getting the CWS into ZEN. We went out one night to the Haxen beer garden. Another night Corne took the team out to dinner. Lots of fun. Great people. Great city.


Chicago ~ November 2015

We had a quick weekend trip to Chicago. We stayed at an Air B&B and saw Treasure Island at the Looking Glass Theatre. I bought a new three piece suit, and we went to the Contemporary Art Museum and the Shedd Aquarium. Lots of fun. Great city.


DragonCon ~ September 2015

DragonCon is a yearly event on labour-day weekend in Atlanta Georgia. In 2015, seventy thousand people attended this multi-media and pop-culture convention, which covers sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, film, and most notably cosplay. It was totally awesome. Our friend Shannon won the Friday Night Costume Contest.


Mexico ~ February 2015

We went for a short trip to a five star resort in Mexico to escape the frigid Ottawa February. The weather and beach were beautiful and I loved the chance swim and hang out in hammocks, but I'm not sure how I feel about the vast income differential between us and the staff.


Tofino ~ August 2014

After visiting Chris, joined Amanda and Mike and Karen with their kids at Zoe's house in Tofino. Beautiful sunny/foggy days. Great hiking. Picked up some hitchhikers from Spain on the drive up from Victoria. Visited with Ev & Nansen on the way home.


Sunnyvale ~ August 2014

Visited Chris at Apple in California. Went riding along the coast north of San Francisco and in a city park closer to home. Felt the Napa Valley Earthquake (economic loss $362 million) and thought it was his housemates being rowdy. Great trip.

Mammoth Caves

Mammoth Caves ~ June 2014

Barrow and Spencer and I met in Windsor and drove to the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky where we wiggled our way through dry caverns 250ft below the surface. We also had some great beer at the Apocalypse Brew Works in Louisville.


Germany ~ January 2014

As part of my new job, I went on a two week business trip to meet with Zeiss people in Oberkochen and Munich. We worked long days, and I met lots of great people. I really like the German countryside and their predominantly walking urban areas.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas ~ November 2013

Entrust sent Chris and I to the AWS Re-Invent conference. Angine came along. Dan was also sent by Trend. The conference was great. It kept be busy most of the time, but Dan and I did go to see a Cirque, and on the way I saw a high quality Wolverine on the strip.


Iceland ~ July 2013

Iceland is a great and mythic nation. Do visit, but don't be fooled: it's expensive, cold and rainy. Just make sure you bring the right gear.


Jamaica ~ February 2013

Jamaica is a great place to visit. Sure, Kingston is dangerous and there are too many mass-market resorts, but you don't have to go there. If, like me, you want to get away from the depths of winter and relax at a low-population-density beach house in the tropics, then I highly recommend Katamah. It is without doubt the best location in Frenchman's Bay.

Agawa Canyon

Agawa Canyon, Sault Ste. Marie ~ September 2012

We finally took my mom to the scenic train ride in the Agawa Canyon. You have to book this well in advance to see the fall colours. I was worried that the drought would phase-shift the colours season, but it turned out well and we had good weather. It's a long drive though.

Costa Rica

Playa Samara, Cost Rica ~ February 2012

Costa Rica is now my first repeat-visit destination, although this trip was quite different than our first. We flew into Liberia and drove to Samara to stay at Laz Divas Bed & Breakfast, where we basically just hung around, played in the surf and went on some nature hikes. I think it was our first relaxing vacation, and I really enjoyed it. I'd like to do it again.


Grand Canyon, Arizona ~ October 2011

For my dad's 80th birthday, Chris and I flew mom and dad to Phoenix and drove north to the Grand Canyon. I was amazed by the change in climate the accompanied the change in elevation. We had lots of fun, but most remarkable was the helicopter tour above the canyon rim. Arizona was good to us, but once is probably enough for me.

Falls Brook Yurts

Falls Brook Yurts ~ Sept 2011

Chris planned a trip for Nick Willan and myself to some yurts in the Adirondacks. We had a great trip, went hiking and swimming in the Hudson river and one night drove out to the Davidson Brothers Brewing Company in Glens Falls.

Quebec City

Quebec City ~ February 2011

Our good friends Tyner & Cynthia were married in the Ice Palace outside Quebec City, and we made a trip of it. After the wedding we stayed in a tiny hotel room in the old Quebec downtown. What a beautiful, but extremely cold city. I'd definitely like to return.


Whiteface ~ March 2010

Chris and I and Bruce and Jason Lawrence went on a weekend trip to Whiteface. We had a great time. I brought Dominion, and we used the pool at the hotel.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia ~ February 2010

Amanda and I stayed at a small cottage in Marigot Bay, which is beautiful but not good for swimming. We rented a car and explored the island. They drive on the left. Yikes. For the last few days, we stayed in a sail boat, and had a mostly drunk captain to sail up and down the coast during the day. It was a great trip, but I prefer the people and landscape of Costa Rica.


Chicago ~ October 2009

Amanda took me on a surprise weekend trip to Chicago where we ate deep dish pizza, went on an architecture river cruise, and attended the Chicago Symphony opening night gala. Great city. I'd love to go back.

San Francisco

San Francisco ~ May 2009

Amanda had work in San Francisco, so I flew out to meet her for the weekend. We stayed in an amazing downtown hotel, explored the city, museums, pubs; saw some independent theater and a broadway style production of Wicked. San Francisco is fantastic, but don't forget your coat.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica ~ February 2009

We booked a self guided driving trip in Costa Rica through GAP Adventures. GAP's advice sucked, but Costa Rica is amazing. We surfed in Tamarindo, hiked to the base of Arenal Volcano, and saw lots of monkies in Manual Antonio. Costa Rica is a beautiful country filled with great people and tremendous natural diversity. I'll definitely be back.

British Columbia

British Columbia ~ September 2008

We flew to Vancouver, rented a car, ferried to Victoria, visited with family, drove up the island, and ferried to Powell River to see Bruce & Tracy. They gave us lots of adventures, boating out too sea and up isolated inland lakes. True to form, Bruce outlasted us all. Everything was great. And sushi in Vancouver really is better than in Ottawa.

New York

New York ~ April 2008

Amanda had work in New York, so I flew out for the weekend with her. I'd been to New York once before on a trip with Queen's, but I didn't know anyone else on the trip and only had enough money for food and museums. It was nice to have someone to share things with this time around. Even though it took forever, I liked going up the Empire State building, but the crown jewel was Macbeth at Lyceum Theater played by Patrick Stewart.


London ~ September 2007

The night of our wedding, we flew to London for a three week trip to Europe. The initial hop there was a bit painful, but the whole experience remains a shining moment in my mind. In London we mostly toured museums, but also took a day trip to Salisbury and Stone Henge. I love how the London underground effectively teleports you anywhere. I'd like to go back.


Dublin ~ September 2007

From London we flew to Dublin where we stayed with Schmidt & Caroline. The took us out to dinner and pubs and we toured the countryside together. Dublin was a lot of fun, and the country is very beautiful, but I most enjoyed meeting Schmidt's local friends. Ireland seemed like a nation just awakening, and full of potential.


Edinburgh ~ October 2007

Edinburgh might be the best city on the planet. We stayed at the sketchiest hostel you can imagine, but I like it and the city is grand. We toured the museums and climed Arthur's Seat, and booked a full day mini-bus tour of the country side, which was fantastic. I'd like to live in Edinburgh.


Munich ~ October 2007

I was getting worn out by the time we reached Munich, and it was colder, and we only had our little back packs with a few changes of clothes, and everyone smokes at the bus stops, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have, but Steffen Roller took us for a night out with some of the OpenText crowd which was loads of fun.


California ~ February 2007

Amanda had a conference in Newport Beach, so I flew out to join her for the weekend. There was a nasty snowstorm in Chicago, so the flight was too late to land at John Wayne airport where my rental car was reserved. Instead the flew us to LAX and bused us to the totally closed John Wayne airport. After that nasty start, we had loads of fun, including surfing and watching Pan's Labyrinth at Fashion Island which is a shopping mall probably large enough to see from space. I think I'd like to work mail delivery in California.


Tremblant ~ March 2007

This is the date of my first trip to Tremblant. I've since been several time with Entrust and OpenText. One time Chris and I spent the night (with Bruce & Gullins, I think).


Maritime ~ September 2006

With directions written on the back of a receipt, we departed Ottawa at 6pm and attempted to drive through Montreal. Gak. We camped one night in northern New Brunswick and another in PEI. We spent a couple of days in Halifax with McPherson and a few more in a sea-side cottage near Peggy's Cove. Hilariously we thought the ferry across the Bay of Fundi would be free and frequent. Overall I had a great time, but driving just isn't my thing.

Niagara On The Lake

Niagara On The Lake ~ June 2006

Amanda and I love the Stratford Festival, so I thought we should try out theatre at Niagra On The Lake, but that town just isn't our speed. It seemed way too interested in Americans, money, wine, and props, although one of the plays we saw "The Magic Fire" was fantastic.


Mexico ~ January 2006

Chris & Angie were married outdoors with perfect weather at a great resort in Mexico. This is lucky, because their original resort was smashed by a hurricane. We had a great time, took my parents the ruins of Tulum, and played with monkies at some nearby cenotes.


Cuba ~ February 2005

My first major trip was completely driven by Amanda. She planned it and paid her parents fare. I just tagged along. I love it. The people in Cuba treated is very well. This was be beginning of my legitimate interest in travel.


Boston ~ August 2004

During my masters, Karen took us to the American Control Conference in Boston. That was a great experience for me. We has some free time between conference sessions and we all had fun exploring the city. I'd love to go back and spend some serious time there.


Camping ~ Frequently

I've been around, but Frontenac is probably my favourite park. It has a good balance of location, solitude, wildlife, and available activities.


Stratford, Ontario ~ Every year since 2005

The Green Room, Raja Fine Indian, The Book Vault, Let Them Eat Cake, Pearl Sushi, York Street Kitchen.


Weddings ~ Since 2004

Kingston, Bancroft, Mexico, Merrickville, Toronto, Quebec City, Shanty Bay, Ottawa, Sarnina, Goderich, Banff.

Friday, January 3, 2020
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