Windows10 Setup windows Jan 3rd 2022
Async/Await c# Nov 17th 2021
Gear hardware, lookup Sep 21st 2021
iPhone could not be updated ios Aug 7th 2021
Softphone hardware May 15th 2021
Mapping BCC for catch-all with Google Workspace web Dec 27th 2020
Apple Crisp Aug 29th 2020
Music Purchases lookup, music Jul 1st 2020
Buying a Battery Powered Chainsaw hardware May 23rd 2020
Carbon Footprint money Feb 16th 2020
Travel travel Jan 4th 2020
Things to do in Ottawa ottawa Jan 3rd 2020
GIT code Dec 21st 2019
Home Button At Top Right Chrome Extension web Dec 14th 2019
New Tab As Apps Chrome Extension web Dec 13th 2019
Defending against attack in AWS aws Oct 5th 2019
Bad Person essay Sep 29th 2019
Stratford Year 15 stratford, travel Jun 29th 2019
CBC Radio Archive (Part5) broadcast Jun 9th 2019
PHP MySQL (MariaDB) in AWS Micro with Amazon Linux 2 aws May 14th 2019
Global Warming essay Feb 10th 2019
Beer in Ottawa ottawa Jan 1st 2019
CBC Radio Archive (Part4) broadcast Dec 28th 2018
Stratford Year 14 stratford, travel Aug 11th 2018
NAFTA essay Jul 16th 2018
Climate Change essay Jul 15th 2018
Doug Ford reprint Jun 8th 2018
Visual Studio c# Jun 7th 2018
Apple Rust ottawa May 5th 2018
Food Strategy lookup Apr 3rd 2018
CBC Radio Archive (Part3) broadcast Jan 12th 2018
Monty Hall Revisited puzzle Jul 28th 2017
Stratford Year 13 stratford, travel May 27th 2017
Software Licensing code May 23rd 2017
Will in Ontario and Quebec lookup Apr 3rd 2017
Irresponsible Episode broadcast Mar 25th 2017
Seoul travel Mar 4th 2017
National Anthem poetry Jan 28th 2017
A Place To Live origin Jan 9th 2017
Natural History ottawa Jan 9th 2017
Untitled Iambic pentameter reprint Jan 8th 2017
Theme Death reprint Jan 8th 2017
Mr. Frog reprint Dec 31st 2016
Subaru Tires hardware Nov 30th 2016
Replace Main Shut Off Valve hardware Nov 27th 2016
LetsEncrypt in AWS aws Nov 26th 2016
Buying a Chainsaw hardware Nov 23rd 2016
CBC Radio Archive (Part2) broadcast Nov 21st 2016
CBC Radio Archive (Part1) broadcast Nov 20th 2016
Trump origin Nov 9th 2016
Apple Tree lookup Sep 4th 2016
Stratford stratford, travel Jul 3rd 2016
Stratford Year 12 stratford, travel Jul 2nd 2016
Nesvull, the Dragonborn Dragon Shaman d&d Mar 26th 2016
Kaard, the Aasimar Bard d&d Mar 26th 2016
Draak d&d Mar 25th 2016
Google as an Image Server web Feb 13th 2016
Chicago travel Nov 21st 2015
How to view a .MRC file on Windows7 64bit? software Oct 27th 2015 Alternatives ottawa Oct 25th 2015
DragonCon travel Sep 5th 2015
Val-Des-Monts cottage Jul 31st 2015
Uber is good for Ottawa philosophy Jul 8th 2015
Vanguard ETFs invest Jun 22nd 2015
Stratford Year 11 stratford, travel May 28th 2015
iPhone Plan in Ottawa hardware Apr 27th 2015
Camping camping, travel Apr 23rd 2015
Gas Charged Lift Support hardware Apr 20th 2015
Lone Wolf Forest Yurt camping, travel Apr 18th 2015
RAID 5 URE Failures hardware Apr 14th 2015
Transit Options, Huntsville Ontario lookup Mar 29th 2015
Dog Friendly Yurts trip Mar 22nd 2015
Scanning old Color Negatives hardware Mar 14th 2015
Dream Speak conversation Mar 1st 2015
Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort & Spa travel Feb 21st 2015
AutoHotKey software Feb 19th 2015
Snow ByLaws in Ottawa ottawa Feb 15th 2015
Political Compass philosophy Feb 8th 2015
Windows7 At Home windows Feb 4th 2015
Audio Books for the Blind hardware Jan 25th 2015 broadcast Jan 2nd 2015
How to call Germany lookup Dec 31st 2014
Don't Starve software Dec 21st 2014
StartSSL in AWS aws Dec 14th 2014
Google OAuth2 with PicasaWeb web Dec 13th 2014
Essential Software software, windows Dec 12th 2014
Face Age Slideshow origin Nov 29th 2014
Mementos lookup Nov 20th 2014
Discogs OAuth Authorization Headers web Nov 14th 2014
MKV to MP4 software Nov 10th 2014
Cheap PKCS#11 Device hardware Nov 4th 2014
Races lookup Oct 25th 2014
The Merits of Picasa web, software Oct 20th 2014
Will Of The Wisps poetry Oct 13th 2014
Architecture in Ottawa ottawa Oct 6th 2014
Services For The Elderly lookup Oct 5th 2014
Animation Festival broadcast Sep 18th 2014
Phone Internet TV hardware Sep 11th 2014
Reconnect to a Picasa Web Album software Sep 6th 2014
Tofino travel Aug 26th 2014
Sunnyvale travel Aug 23rd 2014
PHP Escape Functions web Aug 13th 2014
Stratford Year 10 stratford, travel Aug 1st 2014
Registering a Charity money Jul 13th 2014
Visual Studio c++ Jul 9th 2014
Mammoth Caves travel Jun 7th 2014
Peer To Peer web May 26th 2014
Riddle Me This poetry May 23rd 2014
Dropbox API web May 20th 2014
Past Web Projects lookup May 8th 2014
WebGL Dice Rolling on the iPad code Apr 21st 2014
Lighttpd Precondition Failed aws Apr 15th 2014
Receive SMS Text Message web Apr 13th 2014
Rebuild your Lighttpd / PHP / MySQL box in AWS aws Apr 11th 2014
Birthday Chronicle origin Apr 7th 2014
Phones For Seniors hardware Apr 2nd 2014
GPS Trackers hardware Mar 27th 2014
Delphi TStringGrid delphi Mar 10th 2014
Google App Engine web Mar 3rd 2014
Simple DLL Project c++, delphi Feb 26th 2014
20 TB per Year aws Feb 25th 2014
Using Chrome web, software Feb 23rd 2014
Zeiss In Germany travel Jan 25th 2014
Google Apps web Dec 29th 2013
Windows Movie Maker software, windows Dec 21st 2013
Pilot Operation essay Dec 13th 2013
Tomcat, Eclipse, MySql on Windows7 java Dec 2nd 2013
Tomcat java Nov 28th 2013
Salesforce web Nov 20th 2013
Weird Attack aws Nov 18th 2013
AWS Conference aws Nov 13th 2013
OpenSSL code Nov 11th 2013
C++ on Linux c++, linux Nov 6th 2013
Neonicotinoid Kills Bees philosophy Nov 5th 2013
JavaONE Advice web Nov 4th 2013
Spooktacular ottawa Nov 2nd 2013
iOS Binary Format ios Oct 25th 2013
Xcode from the Command Line ios Oct 21st 2013
The Cost Of Big Data web, aws Oct 6th 2013
Solaris Export Symbols solaris, c++ Oct 4th 2013
Solaris Basics solaris Sep 25th 2013
iPad Wallpaper and App Backgrounds ios Sep 24th 2013
Convert VOB to MP4 and edit in iMovie ios Sep 22nd 2013
EZVid is Adware software Sep 21st 2013
Complex Macro Define c++ Sep 20th 2013
Living In Linux linux Sep 18th 2013
Shared Library Symbol Conflicts (on Solaris) solaris, c++ Sep 18th 2013
How to best support an Author philosophy Sep 17th 2013
Talking to Windows ios Sep 16th 2013
Machine Of Death story Sep 13th 2013
B&B Kingston trip Sep 9th 2013
CentOS 6.2 64bit on ESX linux Aug 22nd 2013
Installing CentOS linux Aug 21st 2013
Stratford Year 9 stratford, travel Aug 17th 2013
Meat Schmeat conversation Aug 13th 2013
Riverwash Stone ottawa Aug 12th 2013
Switch to TekSavvy from Rogers ottawa Aug 10th 2013
Shared Library Symbol Conflicts (on Linux) c++, linux Aug 8th 2013
Launch and monitor PID in DOS windows Aug 2nd 2013
C++ on Unix code Jul 26th 2013
Kill All Child Processes linux Jul 25th 2013
Shuffle by Albums in iTunes software Jul 24th 2013
Visual Studio Runtime windows Jul 19th 2013
Dell Inspiron 660s Ports hardware Jul 11th 2013
Iceland (part4) travel Jun 30th 2013
Iceland (part3) travel Jun 29th 2013
Iceland (part2) travel Jun 28th 2013
Iceland (part1) travel Jun 27th 2013
Planning Iceland travel Jun 26th 2013
JSON Hijacking web Jun 6th 2013
Doors Open Ottawa ottawa Jun 2nd 2013
Weddings travel May 11th 2013
Voice Mail Preview poetry Apr 23rd 2013
Can't get an iOS developer certificate. ios Apr 11th 2013
Google Analytics software Apr 8th 2013
MacMini RAM ios Apr 7th 2013
Testing With Chrome software Mar 27th 2013
Spring SAML java Mar 25th 2013
User Agent Override web Mar 23rd 2013
Tomcat Tips java Mar 22nd 2013
CronJob for nightly backup linux Mar 20th 2013
Setting Up Windows7 windows Mar 18th 2013
Migrating To Mac ios Mar 17th 2013
Chrome Browser Extension web Mar 17th 2013
Migrate to SSD hardware Mar 11th 2013
Jamaica travel Feb 16th 2013
Zookeeper in AWS aws Feb 15th 2013
Amazon Loadbalancing and Autoscaling aws Feb 13th 2013
Hostname in Amazon Linux aws Feb 12th 2013
Web Analytics web Feb 8th 2013
Port Forwarding Gateway via iptables on Linux linux, aws Feb 7th 2013
Amazon EC2 Cost and Storage Considerations aws Feb 6th 2013
Machine Binding in the Amazon Cloud aws Feb 6th 2013
Amazon EC2 for Enterprise aws Feb 1st 2013
Apache in chrooted jail on Amazon aws Jan 22nd 2013
The Amazon Linux AMI aws Jan 18th 2013
Migrate EC2 to a different Availability Zone aws Jan 16th 2013
Buying a TV hardware Jan 13th 2013
JConsole and Memory Usage java, aws Jan 3rd 2013
I'm Number One web Dec 17th 2012
JavaScript Regular Expressions web Dec 13th 2012
WinXP Processes windows Dec 9th 2012
Apache 2.2 Proxy linux Dec 3rd 2012
T-Shirts lookup Nov 30th 2012
Emma Smith philosophy Nov 30th 2012
Apache 2.2 Logging aws Nov 29th 2012
Investments invest Nov 25th 2012
Plot Custom Feed in Google Finance invest Nov 24th 2012
Black Friday reprint Nov 23rd 2012
Short Quotes conversation Nov 22nd 2012
Design Debt reprint Nov 22nd 2012
Moving ottawa Nov 22nd 2012
Don't Pave It All philosophy Nov 22nd 2012
WinXP Fixes windows Nov 22nd 2012
Frontenac Provincial Park camping, travel Nov 21st 2012
Bon Echo Provincial Park camping, travel Nov 21st 2012
Enterprise Manager database Nov 21st 2012
Cookies and JavaScript web Nov 20th 2012
Headers web Nov 20th 2012
Anatomy Of A Modern Web web Nov 20th 2012
Javascript Widgets web Nov 20th 2012
Amazon Cloud Maintenance aws Nov 14th 2012
Paying for your Amazon EC2 Micro Instance aws Nov 14th 2012
Google Voice in Canada software Nov 14th 2012
Crop the parts you don't like out of your music files. software Nov 12th 2012
Customizing Eclipse software Nov 9th 2012
Trusteer software Nov 9th 2012
iMovie software Nov 8th 2012
How To Pay Your Taxes money Nov 4th 2012
Apache 2.2 SSL linux Oct 30th 2012
Testing With Firefox software Oct 30th 2012
Atheist reprint Oct 29th 2012
Bios hardware Oct 25th 2012
Testing Unicode characters Oct 24th 2012
Network Conflict linux Oct 22nd 2012
Living In The Cloud web Oct 20th 2012
TCPMon software Oct 12th 2012
Hot Keys (aka hotkeys) software Oct 11th 2012
Financial Blogs invest Oct 11th 2012
Bad Cache web Oct 10th 2012
Clone ESX Image linux Oct 10th 2012
Dominion game Oct 6th 2012
Agawa Canyon travel Sep 29th 2012
Importing from USA to Canada money Sep 22nd 2012
UTF8 Character Table characters Sep 16th 2012
Stratford Year 8 stratford, travel Aug 17th 2012
Abe's Lake, Site 528 camping, travel Aug 4th 2012
Asus L5GA hardware Jun 10th 2012
Pen and Paper Dungeons & Dragons essay, game Jun 10th 2012
Lac La PĂȘche in Gatineau Park camping, travel Jun 2nd 2012
Silver Lake camping, travel May 23rd 2012
MySQL database May 22nd 2012
Compose On Blogger blogger May 20th 2012
Backup Blogger blogger May 20th 2012
Internet and Phone options in Ottawa ottawa, hardware May 20th 2012
A Bit Of Perspective reprint May 19th 2012
Using Syntax Highlighter blogger May 19th 2012
Breathe Easy poetry May 14th 2012
Customizing Blogger Template blogger May 13th 2012
CentOS 6.0 32bit on ESX linux May 8th 2012
Linux Tools On Windows windows May 7th 2012
Firefox Plugins software May 5th 2012
iOS Code Signing ios May 5th 2012
iptables on CentOS 6.0 linux May 4th 2012
Queen Bee poetry May 3rd 2012
Playa Samara, Costa Rica travel Feb 12th 2012
Print Your Own Books hardware Jan 18th 2012
How to withdraw from Manulife NRSP invest Nov 22nd 2011
How to withdraw from Questrade invest Nov 11th 2011
Using GoDaddy with AWS aws Oct 11th 2011
Backup your Amazon Cloud Free Tier Linux Server aws Oct 10th 2011
Amazon Cloud Free Tier Micro Php MySQL aws Oct 10th 2011
Grand Canyon, Arizona travel Oct 7th 2011
Stratford Year 7 stratford, travel Aug 18th 2011
iOS Cheat Sheet ios Jun 10th 2011
Getting Started With iOS ios May 20th 2011
Display Binary Contents Of A File linux May 20th 2011
Gatineau Yurts camping, travel Apr 8th 2011
No Junk Mail ottawa Mar 28th 2011
Print Your Own Playing Cards hardware Mar 16th 2011
How to feel about Egypt philosophy Feb 28th 2011
Quebec City travel Feb 20th 2011
Theatre Tickets and the NAC ottawa Oct 18th 2010
How To Lend On Kiva money Oct 11th 2010
Sunk Cost money Oct 6th 2010
Buying Stuff money Oct 4th 2010
I'm Vegetari-ish broadcast Sep 20th 2010
Fall Walk poetry Sep 10th 2010
Someone forwarded this to me, and I liked it reprint Aug 25th 2010
Frontenac: Cluster 2, Sites A and B camping, travel Aug 13th 2010
Stratford Year 6 stratford, travel Jul 14th 2010
Copyright Law and Bill C-32 philosophy Jul 5th 2010
Frontenac: Cluster 5, Sites A and B camping, travel Jul 1st 2010
An Interesting Point Of View reprint Apr 13th 2010
What to do when your phone stops working hardware Mar 24th 2010
Amanda's Kilimanjaro travel, reprint Mar 20th 2010
St. Lucia travel Feb 15th 2010
Print Your Own Book software Jan 31st 2010
Flights From Ottawa (YOW) trip Jan 31st 2010
Snowshoeing On The Dark-Side ottawa Jan 3rd 2010
Sick Record essay Jan 3rd 2010
Good Guys / Bad Guys puzzle Dec 15th 2009
Mysteriously Bad Internet hardware Dec 11th 2009
Nine Fifty puzzle Dec 10th 2009
Light Bulb and Switches puzzle Dec 9th 2009
Clearcase Cheat Sheet software Dec 8th 2009
Children's Ages puzzle Dec 7th 2009
Rotten Tomatoes web Dec 7th 2009
Burning Sticks puzzle Dec 6th 2009
Billiard Balls puzzle Dec 5th 2009
Moving from vs6 to vs9 breaks Latin1 support characters, c++ Dec 3rd 2009
Get Movies From The Ottawa Public Library ottawa Nov 30th 2009
Things To Do In Montreal trip Nov 28th 2009
Getting To/Around Burlington trip Nov 27th 2009
Monty Hall Problem and Intuitive Solutions puzzle Nov 26th 2009
How To Use Picasa software Nov 22nd 2009
Web Host web Nov 21st 2009
Customizing Blogger blogger Nov 20th 2009
Windows Dos Batch Files windows Nov 13th 2009
Great Resturant In Ottawa ottawa Nov 12th 2009
Six Shooter Records music Nov 4th 2009
Miss Emily Brown music Nov 4th 2009
Latin1 in Windows Dos Console characters Oct 14th 2009
Chicago travel Oct 3rd 2009
ECE at Queen's origin Sep 27th 2009
Joeperry Lake, Site 519 camping, travel Sep 18th 2009
Mazda Belt Squeel origin Aug 31st 2009
Frontenac: Cluster 2, Sites B and C camping, travel Aug 14th 2009
Stratford Year 5 stratford, travel Jul 1st 2009
San Francisco travel May 28th 2009
Sundance Balloons In Ottawa ottawa May 12th 2009
My Friend's Adventures (Hydra) conversation, game Apr 28th 2009
My Friend's Adventures (Cloud World) conversation, game Apr 28th 2009
My Friend's Adventures (Elderglass) conversation, game Apr 28th 2009
Booking Costa Rica travel Feb 7th 2009
British Columbia travel Sep 5th 2008
Stratford Year 4 stratford, travel Aug 21st 2008
Disaster in 2012 essay Aug 2nd 2008
Silver Lake camping, travel May 24th 2008
New York travel Apr 19th 2008
Lost Boys origin Feb 23rd 2008
Munich travel, reprint Oct 8th 2007
Edinburgh travel, reprint Oct 3rd 2007
Dublin travel, reprint Sep 29th 2007
London travel, reprint Sep 24th 2007
Our Vows origin Sep 23rd 2007
Sharbot Lake camping, travel Sep 15th 2007
The Noir camping, travel Sep 2nd 2007
Bon Echo camping, travel Jun 23rd 2007
Stratford Year 3 stratford, travel Jun 8th 2007
Presqu'ile camping, travel Jun 7th 2007
California travel, reprint Feb 13th 2007
Maritime travel Sep 15th 2006
Stratford Year 2 stratford, travel Aug 25th 2006
Frontenac: Cluster 4, Site C camping, travel Aug 1st 2006
Feeling Dreary poetry Apr 24th 2006
Reviews of a scholarly paper I submitted origin Apr 18th 2006
Mexico travel Jan 1st 2006
Bionic Commando game Nov 22nd 2005
RS232 Serial Communications In Java java Nov 17th 2005
Evilgoblin conversation Nov 15th 2005
Stratford Year 1 stratford, travel Sep 20th 2005
The Coulonge camping, travel Aug 13th 2005
Master's Thesis des Aug 1st 2005
Integrated Discrete Event Systems Software des Aug 1st 2005
IDES Pop Machine Version 2 des, micro Aug 1st 2005
IDES Pop Machine Version 1 des, micro Jul 1st 2005
IDES Seminar origin Jun 10th 2005
Cuba travel Feb 16th 2005
This Be The Verse reprint Jan 19th 2005
PIC16F84 micro Oct 15th 2004
Serial Communications (rs232) Without A Level Converter micro Oct 15th 2004
LCD Pin Layout micro Oct 15th 2004
Control a 16x2 Character LCD micro Oct 15th 2004
Serial Communications (rs232) With A max232 Level Converter micro Oct 15th 2004
Joeperry Lake, Site 520 camping, travel Sep 17th 2004
Sandbanks camping, travel Jul 1st 2004
Research Papers essay Jan 14th 2004
Cat & Mouse Software des Dec 6th 2003
Cat & Mouse Project Report des Dec 5th 2003
Statement from Arundhati Roy reprint Jul 21st 2003
.htaccess web Jul 21st 2003
Tolkien Quotes reprint Jul 21st 2003
Quotes from Magic The Gathering reprint Jul 21st 2003
Unknown Quotes reprint Jul 21st 2003
Furious Angels reprint Jul 15th 2003
Little Pieces poetry Jun 17th 2003
Breathe poetry Jun 17th 2003
Floating Point Unit in Max+PLUS II for MC68HC11 micro Apr 17th 2003
Snowstorm conversation Feb 9th 2003
Children conversation Jan 9th 2003
Queen's Pub conversation Jan 4th 2003
Imatics conversation Oct 2nd 2002
Porter story Oct 1st 2002
Life Naked origin, music Sep 28th 2002
Stunned And Staggered origin Sep 25th 2002
Tears poetry Sep 8th 2002
Only Room For One poetry Aug 26th 2002
Empty Once Was Full poetry Apr 11th 2002
Work And Play origin Apr 6th 2002
Design of a Simple RISC Processor micro Apr 5th 2002
Fire And Ice origin Jan 31st 2002
Lamplight origin Dec 5th 2001
Me And The Bomb poetry Oct 17th 2001
Nice Beat conversation Oct 12th 2001
Epaper Proposal essay Sep 30th 2001
Writing poetry Feb 7th 2001
Albert House Scores origin Jan 1st 2001
I Love You, I Miss You. poetry Dec 18th 2000
Albatross poetry Nov 1st 2000
Anonymously Posted To My Website conversation Oct 21st 2000
Queen's Solar Car Display System micro Mar 14th 2000
PIC16F84 Chess Timer micro Mar 14th 2000
Words Of Encouragement conversation Mar 5th 2000 conversation Jul 12th 1999
Role Playing Engine (unfinished) game Nov 7th 1998
And Death Shall Have No Dominion reprint Oct 23rd 1998
The End Of The World reprint Oct 20th 1998
In The Desert reprint Oct 19th 1998
Wisdom Of Youth poetry Oct 15th 1998
Revelation poetry Oct 15th 1998
Saturday Sundae reprint Oct 9th 1998
Holocaust reprint Oct 6th 1998
Sometime During Eternity reprint Oct 5th 1998
Early Internet conversation Aug 7th 1998
Valadictorian Address essay Apr 15th 1998
The End poetry Jan 16th 1998
Lyons Effective Speaking Contest essay Jan 15th 1998
Jonah poetry Jan 9th 1998
Lynch Picnic poetry Jan 4th 1998
No Angels Stand Guard poetry Jan 3rd 1998
Juxtaposition poetry Jan 1st 1998
The Colony story May 30th 1997
Jackals Of Justice poetry Mar 10th 1997
Dark Secrets poetry Jan 15th 1997
Forgotten Wishes poetry Jan 15th 1997
Seeds poetry Jan 7th 1997
Legerdemain poetry Jan 6th 1997
Wretched poetry Jan 5th 1997
Erinyes poetry Jan 2nd 1997
Our Fine City poetry Jan 1st 1997
The Second Coming reprint Oct 16th 1996
The Fairgrounds story Sep 15th 1996
Hope poetry May 1st 1996
The World poetry May 19th 1995
The Cold Pale Moon poetry Apr 1st 1995
Endings poetry Mar 15th 1995
Alone poetry Nov 1st 1993
Requiem For A Fourteen-Year-Old reprint Oct 27th 1992
The Highwayman reprint Feb 14th 1990
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